ServersCheck Monitoring Software
Release History

June 14th, 2021: v16.4.10

The ServersCheck Network Monitoring Software monitors, reports and alerts on the availability and performance of networked devices and servers.

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 16.x?

Release 16.4.10
Maintenance release
- Update: License system
- Update: Behind the scenes development for v17

Release 16.4.9
Maintenance release
- Update: Performance changes to the monitoring system
- Update: Sensor modules monitoring engine updated
- Fix: Incorrect license warning message

Release 16.4.8
Maintenance release
- Fix: For warning alerts the alert reason would not be visible
- New: Email & Slack alerts now include the system name to enable to identify which software generated the alert

Release 16.4.7
Maintenance release
- Fix: Would not upgrade software to release 16.4.7 when on 16.4.4 or lower
- Fix: Licensed versions would show Trial in settings page

Release 16.4.6
Maintenance release
- Fix: A certificate issue would cause some Slack alerts to be blocked
- Update: Logging enabled for Monitoring Watcher component
- Update: Logging is now appended instead of overwritten with each restart

Release 16.4.5
Maintenance release
- Fix: Bug that could cause alerting module to fail without automatic recovery

Release 16.4.4
Maintenance release
- Update: UI improvements for EST kits
- Update: increased performance with faster response from USB connected EST kits

Release 16.4.3
Maintenance release
- Update: New logging feature for debugging purposes

Release 16.4.2
Maintenance release
- Fix: Performance check on Monitoring Thread would provide incorrect results
- Fix: minor UI issues

Release 16.4.1
New feature release
- New: Assign monitoring and alerting modules to specific network adapters
- New: Define default view on home page
- New: Assign Slack, Email or SMS alerts to all defined sensors
- New: Add custom message on elevated temperature (for EST kits)
- New: Alive message - to send notifications every X hours via Slack to inform if monitoring is still running
- Update: Redesigned Settings page
- Update: Redesigned Add New Sensors wizard
- Fix: URL-CONTAINS check saving would not correctly store condition

Release 16.3.1
Maintenance release
- Fix: EST kit would incorrectly log data and handle thresholds when set in degrees Fahrenheit

Release 16.3.0
New feature release
- New: Support for USB EST kit with camera
- New: Customized messages for EST kits
- Update: Performance improvement on USB sensor communication
- Fix: Thresholds for EST kits would only work with integer numbers and not decimal ones

Release 16.2.0
New feature release
- New: Support for USB based EST kits
- New: Custom messages when not performing EST screen with custom background color
- Fix: EST kit would incorrectly compute degrees Fahrenheit

Release 16.1.2
Maintenance release
- New: Audible alert (Buzzer sound) for EST kits
- Fix: EST kit would show popup alert when data communication is lost
- Fix: Performance tweaks
- Fix: On some systems the web server would not start when DNS server would fail
- Fix: For SNMP field values : and ; symbols were not allowed

Release 16.0.0
New feature release
- New: Support for Covid-19 EST Kit 1 (IR Spot)
- New: Support for Covid-19 EST Kit 2 (Thermal Camera)
- Fix: When new data is received for device, group or sensor type then buttons are show in blue instead of gray
- Fix: A non responsive SensorGateway could cause in some cases the web server to become unresponsive

Release 15.0.1
Maintenance release
- Fix: In some environments each reboot would cause a new SystemID requiring a new license

Release 15.0.0
New feature release
- New: Support for new sensors (CO2, TVOC, LUX)
- New: Webserver now listens on port 80; optionally HTTPS on port 443
- New: Reverse proxy in front of web server for increased performance and security
- Fix: Operands would not save on some platforms for alerting
- Fix: Missing images on graphs

Release 14.4.0
New feature release
- New: Software can now operate in an environment not connected to the Internet
- New: New license key system - this release requires a new license key

Release 14.3.4
Maintenance release
- New: Support for upcoming second generation of thermal image sensor
- New: Support for upcoming power control sensor
- Fix: SQL code could be injected by an authenticated user
- Fix: Water leak sensor would not show up in Maps
- Fix: Leak sensor not automatically detected when scanning sensor
- Fix: Performance improvements
Thanks to hyp3rlinx for reporting the security issues

Release 14.3.3
Maintenance release
- Fix: XSS vulnerability that would allow an authenticated user to inject Javascript code

Release 14.3.2
Maintenance release
- Fix: SECURITY sensors would fail
- Fix: https connections on web site checks would show 500 errors
- Fix: SMS alerting would not work on Premium Alerts when opting for default settings
- Fix: Water leak sensor would not show correct in dashboard

Release 14.3.0
New feature release
- New: Thermal images are now saved and linked to temperature date in graphs
- New: Thermal page for ENV-THIMG-L, ENV-THIMG-M
- Fix: Graph Y-axis increased to show top text balloons in graphs
- Fix: URL-CONTAINS check would not save when settings edited
- Fix: Finding address for a location would not work due to JSON security limitation
- Fix: Menu bar would not show Slack option
- Fix: When adding a Windows service it would not be saved unless you type the service name
- Fix: Device name was not stored when adding a new network sensor
- Fix: PWR-FAIL sensor would not show FAIL status
- Fix: IO Controls button could not be opened on specific pages

Release 14.2.4
Maintenance release
- Fix: Graph Zoom Out activated by default on reports
- Fix: SMS alerting would always send first alert
- Fix: condition operands in alert settings would not be saved

Release 14.2.3
Maintenance release
- Fix: CrossXSS vulnerability that could enable an authenticated user to inject HTML code

Release 14.2.2
Maintenance release
- Fix: Editing Groups would fail due to database errors.

Release 14.2.1
Maintenance release
- Fix: Connection to licensing server could be blocked due to server security config
- Fix: Database structure updates would not work for 14.2

Release 14.2.0
New Feature release
- New: Receive alerts via Slack into your preferred channel
- Fix: Power failure sensor would not trigger correctly
- Fix: UX improvements
- Fix: Performance improvements

Release 14.1.1
Maintenance release
- Fix: Power Failure sensor would not be correctly monitored
- Fix: Update device name failed
- Fix: Send Test SMS did not show the correct label
- Fix: Copyright sentence hovering over sensors on small screens
- Fix: Linking sensors to a group would not work
- Fix: Custom alert message was not sent with the alerts
- Fix: ZoomOut on Charts

Release 14.1
Maintenace release
- Fix: Some sensor names were displayed incorrectly

Release 14.0
New feature release
- New: WINDOWSAGENT check (CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Services, Processes, Event Log)
- New: LINUXAGENT (CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Processes)
- New: UPTIME through SNMP
- Fix: Device Save not working when adding a new sensor
- Fix: HTTP CONTAINS: would trigger alert when content WAS found instead of NOT found

Release 14.0 beta 2
New feature release
- New: Group sensors by logical group
- New: HTTP Page Download sensor for monitoring page download time
- New: HTTP Header sensor monitoring if a specific text in the headers is present or not
- New: URL Contains checks if a specific text can be found in the html content
- New: Domain Expiry checks if a domain name has expired or will expire
- New: SNMP sensor for 3rd party sensors
- New: SSL Certificates monitors the validity of certificates
- New: Speed Test performs an upload & download speed test of your ISP internet connection
- New: TCP checks if for a given server or IP a TCP port is responding
- Fix: Deleting sensors would fail
- Fix: Using default email or SMS alert
- Fix: A record for DNS checks was missing
- Fix: Unnamed sensors would show empty in results list

Release 14.0 beta 1
Major New Release
- Complete overhaul of monitoring software with focus on simplicity, usability and performance.

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 12.x?

Release 12.0.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Installer would stop on some platforms with the error "unable to register the DLL/OCX ResponseTransformer"

Release 12.0.0
New feature release
- New: the Monitoring Software is now freeware with community forum support. Commercial support plans are available
- New: Voice call alerts through the ServersCheck Alerting Gateway
- New: Support for Shock sensor probe
- New: Support for Sound sensor probe

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 11.x?

Release 11.0.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Temperature check would fail due to incorrect OID stored using the new Detect Probes button
- Fix: Humidity check would fail due to incorrect OID stored using the new Detect Probes button
- Fix: Power check could not be defined using the new Detect Probes button
- Fix: Flooding check could not be defined using the new Detect Probes button

Release 11.0.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Email alert module has been fixed to solve issue where it could be marked as SPAM by some mail systems
- Update: Stability improvements on AWS Cloud collection module
- Update: New error logging for monitoring_aws, s-alerts and monitoring_thread2.exe

Release 11.0.0 (BETA)
New feature release - New license key is required
- New: Amazon AWS CloudWatch monitoring
- Update: Support for * for eventlog match
- Update: Added support for Sensorhub sensors
- Fix: Negative SLA on some devices
- Fix: CSV download

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 10.x?

Release 10.3.0
New feature release - New license key is required
- New: Drill, zoom and change time ranges in graphs
- Update: Graphs are now by default generated on demand to reduce background load. Background graphs can be activated again by going to Settings > Tuning & Layout > Background Graphs
- Fix: TCP check would return 'UNKNOWN' error when host is unreachable
- Fix: Trend Analysis or Bandwidth Graphs couldn't be plotted if logged in locally on host

Release 10.2.0
New feature release - New license key is required
- New: Groups added to Status Reports
- New: Status Reports can be scheduled to be periodically emailed
- New: Option to define at a report level if it has to be published via FTP or not
- Update: Reporting menu modified with now 3 options: Graphs, Status or Timeline reports
- Fix: HEATHMAPS wouldn't run in 10.1.6 unless specific parameter was set
- Fix: Status Report list would not be legible on IE9
- Discontinued: Scheduled Reports through BCA license - replaced by Status Reports broadcast
- Discontinued: MSN alerts as MSN was stopped by Microsoft

Release 10.1.6
Maintenance Release:
- Update: Software upon install now defaults in freeware mode and in this release supports up to 100 checks after registration

Release 10.1.5
Maintenance Release:
- Fix: Network Maps would not be drawn in some cases in release 10.1.3
- Fix: Link to down or warning checks would not work when in TOP10 view
- Fix: When in trial period and installing freeware license keys, then the software would still state running in trial mode

Release 10.1.3
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Work-around for Web server when it wouldn't start due to incorrect libeay32.dll installed by other apps
- Fix: TRAFFIC & BANDWIDTH checks wouldn't take the custom SNMP community string or port when doing an interface scan

Release 10.1.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: When scanning network all sensorgateways would be recognized as one device
- Update: When scanning network it first tries to detect netbios name, then snmp name and then performing a reverse DNS lookup

Release 10.1.1
Maintenance Release
- New: Copy checks from one device to another device
- Fix: Paging in checks would be incorrectly rendered for last page
- Fix: Right to Left fixes on Hebrew & Arabic languages
- Update: Application Group view has been updated for improved usability
- Update: Device Group View has been updated for improved usability
- Update: Compact View has been updated for improved usability
- Update: In a device you can now directly delete individual monitors
- Update: Sticky buttons at bottom of page in Top 10, All Monitors View, Device & Group View

Release 10.1.0
New feature release - New license key is required
- New: Static Status Reports for read only users that can be published via FTP
- Fix: Graphs wouldn't show on some browser when looking at device details
- Fix: Drag & Drop issue in TOP 10 view
- Update: URL checks added to TOP 10 view

Release 10.0.4
Maintenance Release
- Fix: DEVICE VIEW & GROUP VIEW wouldn't render correctly on IE, Chrome and iPad

Release 10.0.3
Maintenance Release
- Fix: DEVICESCAN could run in an endless loop
- Update: Non monitored devices are removed from Device View and available view Unmonitored Devices page

Release 10.0.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: BANDWIDTH check: in some cases the check wouldn't be executed due to timeout
- Fix: When a check times out the status changes to DOWN? with timeout as error reason

Release 10.0.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: WARNING Groups wouldn't be visible (white font on white background)
- Fix: SNMP TRAP receiver would not recongize 10.0.X license

Release 10.0.0
Major release - New License Key Required - Introduces DCIM Features for the Monitoring Software
DCIM features are documented in the sensors user manual
- New: DCIM Temperature Heat Maps (Ambient, Under Floor, Intake, Top Front, Top Back)
- New: DCIM Humidity Heat Maps
- New: DCIM Airflow Heat Maps
- New: DCIM Server room mapping tool to position sensors onto any PNG type of server room floor map (typically designed using Visio or similar)
- New: Airflow check type for the ServersCheck Airflow Sensor Probes
- New: IMAP4 check type for monitoring IMAP4 mail servers
- New: Eyes On Glass ServersCheck Toolbar for Firefox allowing to view monitoring status from within Firefox
- New: Alert Notifications Log Files showing alert activity & debug information
- Update: DEVICE view update to allow to represent more devices onto single screen
- Update: GROUP view renamed to APPLICATION GROUP view and redesigned to show more groups on single screen
- Fix: Several minor bug fixes to improve usability & stability

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 9.x?

Release 9.1.0
New feature release - New license key is required
- New: Support for ServersCheck SMS Alerting service
- Update: Navigation redesigned for better usability
- Update: Interface adjustments for iPad
- Update: SNMP check now detects time ticks (regardless of the OID) and converts them into seconds
- Fix: Web server crash on sending test SMS when no modem was configured on port
- Fix: S-Scan.exe failing due to incorrect version shipped with software

Release 9.0.17
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Power failure detection from Power Sensor wouldn't trigger an alert in the monitoring software due to output in some generations of the SensorGateway
- Fix: Compact View now available for non Admin users
- Update: Increased resolution (in ms) for URL check types

Release 9.0.16
Maintenance Release
- Update: GUI would show that license is required for trial of SNMP Trap Receiver
- Fix: SNMP check - When dot in front of SysUptime OID was ommitted, then it would not convert it properly
- Fix: Cross XSS vulnerability in SNMP MIB Walk (SNMP Scan) (Low Risk)

Release 9.0.15
Maintenance Release
- Update: changes to BTS VOICE, SMS checks
- Update: BTS DATA removed
- Fix: HTTPSTATUS would follow redirects
- Fix: When the SNMP check doesn't return a value an error is thrown (previously it would ignore check unless numeric value received)
- Fix: SNMP check - When dot in front of SysUptime OID was ommitted, then it would not convert it properly
- Fix: Cross XSS vulnerability in SNMP MIB Walk (SNMP Scan) (Low Risk - Vulnerability reported by Steven McElrea)

Release 9.0.13
Maintenance Release
- Update: Monitoring load improved for appliance
- Update: Configuration wizard shown at each new or new version first launch
- Update: monitoring_manager updated to clear job files upon start for BTS checks

Release 9.0.12
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Monitoring Watcher would restart monitoring thread in some cases due to memory computation error
- Fix: html for BTS messages
- Update: monitoring_manager updated to clear job files upon start for BTS checks

Release 9.0.11
Maintenance Release
- Update: BTSSMS and BTSVOICE checks updated for new modem support
- Update: SNMP Trap Receiver updated to handle forthcoming IO Sensor Probe
- Fix: HUMIDITY checks could not be created due to an issue on field handler in STEP4
- Fix: NETWORKMAPS option was in some cases not shown in top menu bar

Release 9.0.10
Maintenance Release
- Update: Monitoring Watcher now looks at virtual memory being used for watching monitoring processes
- Update: Reduced CPU load of monitoring_watcher.exe
- Update: Reduced CPU load of monitoring_manager.exe
- Update: Alerting module improved for higher reliability on GSM modem (inbound SMS communications)

Release 9.0.9
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Due to change in firmware status changes on FLOOD and POWERUP checks would not be picked up by the software (affecting SensorGateways v4 only)

Release 9.0.8
Maintenance Release
- Update: Improved reliability on BTS check types (VOICE, SMS, DATA, CELLINFO) that would prevent monitoring_rule to fail on modem failure
- Update: Setting of default operation mode of BTS modem (2G, 3G or 3G/2G)
- Update: Modem issues for BTS checks are stored in the modem.log file located in the logging subfolder
- Update: Improved reliability on inbound SMS messages processing
- Update: Logging of all sms messages in sms.log file located in logging subfolder
- Fix: Wrong message shown when hitting start/stop button of a monitor
- Fix: SNMP Trap Receiver would not correctly decode trap messages
- Fix: SNMP Trap Sending failure in alerting module (s-alerts.exe) fixed

Release 9.0.7
Maintenance Release
- Update: TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, FLOODING & POWERUP checks have been redesigned for the SensorGateway v4
- Fix: Bonus license file would not be recognized while in trial modease 9.0.6

Release 9.0.6
Maintenance Release
- Fix: SNMPSTRING would not trigger down status when matching condition is not met

Release 9.0.5
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Compact View was not shown in Business Editions

Release 9.0.4
Maintenance Release
- Update: Improved SNMP Browser (Device -> SNMP WALK) for adding SNMP or SNMPSTRING check types
- Update: All Alerts view added for freeware users
- Fix: VMWARE-HOSTHEALTH could fail in some cases due to an incorrect XML configuration

Release 9.0.3
Maintenance Release
- New: Compact view for devices (3 columns of device) for enhanced monitoring
- Update: Compact View - monitors are clickable to monitor details
- Fix: After editing a device, one is redirect to the wrong device details page
- Fix: Compact View - incorrect string displayed for bandwidth monitors before values
- Fix: Monitoring Watcher would restart monitoring_thread2 too frequently due to false positive on failure

Release 9.0.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: monitoring_thread2.exe could fail on Windows based checks due to an out of memory error.
- Fix: adding a check to a new device would direct to the correct device_details page

Release 9.0.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Development debugging output was left in release of 9.0 that will fill up space of hard drive with file called debugthread.log in the main ServersCheck director

Release 9.0
Major release - New License Key Required
- New: MAP view showing groups on a map (powered by Nokia Maps)
- New: Group Details view with geolocation
- Update: Network scanner (s-scan.exe) has been rewritten for performance and stability
- Update: Improved stability on device scan
- Update: Value checks (for monitoring_thread2.exe and monitoring_rule) have built-in check on numeric value
- Update: BTSDATA check graphing
- Update: SNMP Trap feature is now part of 21 day trial
- Update: Network Mapping feature is now part of 21 day trial
- Update: Report Scheduler is now part of 21 day trial
- Update: Monitoring Software by default starts in 21 day trial mode and then switches to freeware mode (if no paid license is installed)
- Update: Bulk linking of monitors to group (ADD MONITORS option in Group Details)
- Update: SMS alerting is now only part of paid licenses
- Fix: GUI fixes on Camera View

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 8.x?

Release 8.8.12
Maintenance Release
- Update: EVENTLOG check can now also check on a specific EVENT ID
- Update: BTSCELLINFO, BTSVOICE & BTSSMS checks can be executed in 2G or in 3G mode - requires BTS Monitoring Appliance
- Fix: BTSCELLINFO check could run in an infinite loop when deregistered from cell tower - requires BTS Monitoring Appliance

Release 8.8.11
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Security vulnerability for a logged in user whereby Javascript or HTML code could be injected
- Fix: Security vulnerability for a logged in user whereby multiple SMS messages could be sent using the test SMS functionality
- Fix: Security vulnerability for a logged in user whereby attempts for a traversial attack could be attempted to view other files than intended log files

Release 8.8.10
Maintenance Release
- Update: BTS Data check type further improvements
- Fix: SIP check has been rewritten from the ground up
- Fix: CompactView layout could be corrupt due to the VMWARE-HOSTHEALTH values
- Fix: VMWARE-HOSTHEALTH checks and other checks in threads would fail if no data stores are defined for a VMWARE Host
- Fix: Danish characters would cause Timeline reports to fail

Release 8.8.9
Maintenance Release
- Update: New Graphs for BTS check types
- Fix: New generation of Appliances could render graphs without any labels or legends
- Fix: License would not be recognized on new generation of Appliances

Release 8.8.8
Maintenance Release
- Update: BTSDATA for BTS Appliance with improved stability and new data reporting
- Update: Databases hold now data on a finer granularity for a longer period of time. To force recreating databases, delete rrd files in the drive:\serverscheck_databases directory
- Fix: VMWAREHOSTHEALTH would fail when only one VM is defined on a VWMare Host
- Fix: URL check with NTLM did fail on content check

Release 8.8.7
Maintenance Release
- Update: WMI check's values are now stored and graphed
- Update: URL check now works with ISA Proxy server using NTLM authentication

Release 8.8.6
Maintenance Release
- Fix: WMI check would not be executed
- Fix: URL check requires protocol in front of proxy server - when omitted then http:// is added in front
- Fix: Columns not aligned correctly in Groups View for non-admin users

Release 8.8.5
Maintenance Release
- Update: Automatic fixing of failing threads in monitoring_thread2.exe
- Update: Alerting module would try to autofix when GSM modem fails
- Update: Monitoring Watcher now monitoring alerting module too

Release 8.8.4
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Memory leak issue in runaway threads of the monitoring_thread2.exe solved
- Fix: DOMAINEXPIRY could fail on results for some TLD's
- Fix: HTTPSTATUS would check against incorrect target value
- Update: Enhancements in monitoring_watcher to quicklier fatch failing components
- Update: S-Graphs.exe component's load reduced on CPU
- Update: Additional tweaks for reducing CPU load on Appliance

Release 8.8.3
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Graphing module could run in a loop without processing new data
- Fix: NTP check settings were not applied
- Fix: VMWare issue on 8.8.1 and 8.8.2 resolved
- Update: TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, FLOODING, POWER sensor checks can now automatically reboot the SensorGateway on sensor failure. Default settings (admin / admin) for gateway are required

Release 8.8.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Graph data not updated in 8.8.1
- Update: Performance tweaks for appliance (graph data logging)
- Update: Monitoring Watcher timeout increase of checking state of alerting module

Release 8.8.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: SNMPSTRING would match against wrong condition
- Fix: Addressed issue on some platforms for runaway monitoring_rule.exe's
- Update: Improved monitoring_watcher and monitoring_manager for additional internal fail-over scenario's
- Update: Performance load optimization to increase performance on Monitoring Appliance
- Update: Delay in initial refresh of weekly & monthly graphs to increase performance at launch
- Update: Automatic relaunch of webserver in event of failure
- Update: Automatic reboot of SensorGateway when SNMP agent fails

Release 8.8
New feature release - New license key required
- New: SSLCERT check monitors the validity of web server SSL certificates
- New: DOMAINEXPIRY monitors the expiry date of a domain name registration
- New: Threads inside the monitoring_thread2.exe component are now individually monitored and are automatically restarted when failing or slowing down
- Update: URL, URLEXISTS, HTTPSTATUS checks have been rewritten to increase performance substantially

Release 8.7.11
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Calculation issue could results monitoring threads to fail at end of month
- Fix: TCP check could block other checks in same thread
- Fix: VMWAREHOST-HEALTH - when defined data stores wouldn't be correctly ignored

Release 8.7.10
Maintenance release
- Fix: bug in group view when groups contains space in name
- Fix: improved speed on device scanning
- Fix: external mail check in setup wizard could fail

Release 8.7.9
Maintenance release
- Fix: Built-in Temp Sensor for SensorGateway value was not correctly read

Release 8.7.8
Maintenance release
- Fix: The Configuration Wizard would save the SMTP server setting incorrectly as built-in mail server
- Fix: Signal Light tower was not shown in list of alert configurations
- Update: Better error indication in Configuration Wizard for errors on testing built-in mail server

Release 8.7.7
Maintenance release
- Update: Timeout increase to 2 minutes for TEST SETTINGS
- Fix: On some ESX servers the Monitoring Software showed incorrect DOWN due to hardware errors

Release 8.7.6
Maintenance release
- Fix: Clicking on digits in device view could render an empty page instead of device details view
- Update: Freeware version limited to 20 checks

Release 8.7.5
Maintenance release
- Fix: Device deletion would not work in 8.7

Release 8.7.4
Maintenance release
- Fix: Start Monitoring button would fail in 8.7
- Update: Improved monitor, device and group pausing

Release 8.7.3
Maintenance release
- Fix: Deleted monitors would be still be visible until next refresh
- Fix: Removing devices would not work in 8.7.2
- Update: Built-in temperature sensor for SensorGateway added
- Update: Monitoring_thread2 instances limited to 1

Release 8.7.2
Maintenance release
- Fix: Due to Javascript bug in IE with form handling, TEST SETTINGS would not work
- Fix: In Configuration screen SLA settings could not be accessed
- Fix: In some cases team alerting could be overwritten with a different by following a specific sequence of editing multiple monitors
- Update: When scanning a device duplicate MAC addresses can now be overwritten

Release 8.7.1
Maintenance Release:
- New: Alerting report by device
- Update: Alerting report update: custom time frames & CSV download
- Update: Downtime is now considered the time between going from any state to DOWN and from going to DOWN to any state
- Fix: Group deletion would not work in some cases in release 8 requirng a manual delete
- Fix: s-restart.exe would not auto restart monitoring services in event of systems failure with most recent versions

Release 8.7
New feature release - New license key required
- New: VMWARE ESX/ESXI (version 3+) - this monitors hardware health, cpu, memory & disk
- New: Gauges on HEALTH check types
- Fix: Minor bug fixes in GUI

Release 8.6
New feature release - New license key required
- New: Execute command via secure SMS (Appliance & Premium editions)
- Update: Web server design updates optimized for Firefox & Safari
- Update: Redesigned configuration
- Update: When scanning a device, default snmp values can be modified
- Fix: Several minor issues in web interface
- Fix: Alerting module could fail with WTI PDU when automated mode is switched on
- Fix: Camera view would not work with dynamic interface refresh

Release 8.5.6
Maintenance Release:
- Fix: Bug in 8.5.5 that could cause SMS alerts to be skipped
Release 8.5.5
Maintenance Release:
- Fix: Test Mail Settings wouldn't work for some ISP's

Release 8.5.4
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Due to compression issue on some installs, javascript for selecting item in report wouldn't work
- Fix: default password was incorrectly set making remote connection not possible without resetting username and password locally first.
- Fix: MSN alerting would not work due to changes in the MSN protocol implemented by Microsoft

Release 8.5.3
Maintenance Release
- Update: Minor GUI improvements for browser compability issues (IE)
- Update: The SMS test module has been rewritten for improved usability
- Update: Language file updates for DE, FR, NL, IT, ES, PT, RU, AR
- Fix: WARNING top 10 view wasn't showing timing
- Fix: SensorGateway IP address wouldn't be shown when editing TEMPERATURE or HUMIDITY monitors

Release 8.5.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: IE8 would not render TOP 10 page correctly in 3 columns
- Fix: In some cases IE8 would not render the most recents
- Fix: Monitoring Thread process would be restarted automatically unnecessarily in 8.5.1
- Fix: Network Maps wouldn't be refreshed due to browser caching - maps are now forced through cache
- Fix: Grouping of monitors by Device Name would not be shown correctly when viewing monitors from Group View
- Update: Minor GUI improvements

Release 8.5.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Clicking on stats for header would not show results for DOWN monitors
- Fix: CSS issue when deleting a device
- Update: Better trapping of incorrect SMTP settings or SMTP server failing
- Update: Updated layout of top 10 page
- Update: Top Menu bar now responds to Click command instead of hover command
- Update: MIB files are now only loaded when required for SNMP WALK commands

Release 8.5.0
New feature release - New license key required
- New: iPhone (mobile) web interface 1
- New: TOP 10 page (default) home page
- New: Custom widgets of 3rd party web apps
- New: Alerts menu option
- New: Monitor details page
- Update: Web interface redesign
- Update: Significant performance increase web server

Release 8.2.5
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Settings of flooding & power sensors would not be shown correctly when editing
- Fix: Free version would not allow to add more than 10 monitors
- Fix: SNMP checks could return no value found for OID on some devices (SNMP protocol issue)
- Fix: When TRAFFIC or BANDWIDTH check was edited, the DOWN check would be skipped
- Update: Monitoring Watcher handles Dr Watson popups which may prevent automatic restart of components

Release 8.2.4
Maintenance Release
- New: Support of WTI RPC-4840 PDU's for remote reboots
- Fix: TEST SETTINGS could in 8.2.3 result in 'Timeout error after 60 seconds' message
- Fix: Environmental sensors setup would fail because of non saving of IP address of device server (in versions 8.2.2 and 8.2.3)

Release 8.2.3
Maintenance Release
- Fix: BTS, FILE checks would be skipped when substantial amount of monitors defined
- Update: Improved internal error handling on modem operations for BTS operations
- Update: SMS alerting engine has been redesigned from ground up resulting in a performance gain of up to 500%

Release 8.2.2
New BETA feature release
- New: Support for the SensorGateways as connector between network and sensors

Release 8.2.1
Maintenance release
- Fix: BTSDATA check wouldn't show saved COM port when editing the monitor
- Fix: Network based check types could fail when BTSDATA check is running
- Fix: When SSL is flagged in email alert configuration, then flag couldn't be set to inactive
- Fix: When Monitoring Service stops, the monitoring_cameratcp and securitybts_check sub-applications weren't stopped
- Update: BTS Monitoring Appliance can try to self-heal automatically when modem hangs
- Update: Increased performance on BTSSMS and BTSCELLINFO checks. Same COM port as for BTSVOICE has to be selected
- Update: SERVICES (Windows) check is no longer case sensitive
- Update: Additional tweaks on the AXISSECURITY check type

Release 8.2.0
New feature release - new license file required
- New: BLACKBERRY check types to monitor BES services and TCP ports
- Update: SERVICES check type has been rewritten to bypass Invalid Use of Null error

Release 8.1.1
New feature release
- New: AXISSECURITY enables to generate alerts and trigger recordings from an AXIS security camera generated event
- Update: Graphing agent no longer creates last 4 hours graphs on the fly (to improve performance)
- Update: Graphing agent no longer creates availability & sla graphs on the fly (to improve performance)
- Fix: BTSSMS will now throw an error when sending failed
- Fix: BTS appliance will automatically reboot now if modem hangs for some reason to reduce false positive risks
- Fix: Graphing error logging reduced
- Fix: MSN alerting component works again (failed because of a switch of registration servers by MS)
- Fix: Automatic cleanup job of Monitoring Manager could cause sub components to fail and cause delay due to differed automatic restart of those sub components

Release 8.1.0
New feature release - new license file required
- New: AMAZONCLOUDWATCH monitors key metrics from an EC2 instance
- New: WINDOWSAGENT enables remote Windows systems monitors and retrieve metrics such as CPU, Memory, Disk Space, Process and Service info.
- New: BTSCELLINFO can now monitor either 2G or 3G cell towers through the same modem - default is 3G
- Fix: In IE7+ the "today's events" window could be rendered incorrectly causing a big page gap
- Fix: Endless loop issue in BTSCELLINFO fixed
- Fix: BTSSMS could generate an error due to incorrect data reading

Release 8.0.10
Maintenance release
- Fix: Security bus interfaces now with serial port for BTS appliances
- Fix: SECURITY check could fail in some conditions
- Fix: Business Service Level calculation could fail in first 9 days of a month causing a fatal error in the monitoring_thread2.exe
- Update: Sensor edition now supports up to 50 environmental sensors

Release 8.0.9
Maintenance release
- New: BETA - BTSDATA check type to monitor performance and download speeds of 3G & GPRS networks
- Update: NOC Command Center is out of beta
- Fix: Installer would fail on Win 64 bit systems due to Winhttp.dll
- Fix: Windows Sleep function could cause random failure of monitoring_thread2.exe
- Fix: If a Windows system doesn't return CPU data, the monitoring_thread2.exe could fail with division by zero error
- Fix: Monitoring_rule could terminate when calculating a Business SLA

Release 8.0.8
Maintenance release
- New: BETA - NOC Command Center application for MSP's & Operators for centralized reporting of distributed appliances
- Update: Home page updated to address issue of non loading menu bar
- Update: Adding New Monitor: Next & Settings button would only be activated when clicked outside last required field; now activates on field focus
- Update: Saving of System Settings was unclear
- Update: Due to stability issue with locked and large files, the backup utility has been removed

Release 8.0.7
Maintenance release
- New: Backup utility to backup your configuration of the ServersCheck Monitoring Software
- New: Option to only send SMS alerts when network is down
- Update: Support for modems for SMS alerting, BTSVOICE and BTSSMS
- Update: SNMPTRAP alerts now send the BTS_ID or APPLIANCE_ID
- Fix: Saving of SLA, BTS_ID, COMPACTVIEW settings
- Fix: In some cases the incoming SMS would not be cleared

Release 8.0.6
Maintenance release
- Fix: Issue of not disconnecting in BTS Monitoring Appliance fixed when BTSVOICE checks are made
- Update: Additional tampering checks on security sensors
- Update: Improved handling of reset when security alerts have been detected

Release 8.0.5
Maintenance release
- Fix: FILE check definition would not get to next step in release 8 even with all fields completed
- Fix: "Status" command through SMS would treat DOWN? status results differently compared to web interface
- Fix: PROCESSMEMORY check would not return correct results for processes taking more than 1GB RAM
- Fix: Device view would not show the disk space graphs for WINDOWSHEALTH or LINUXHEALTH

Release 8.0.4
Maintenance release
- Fix: PDK temporary folders would not always clean up automatically - this is now managed by software
- Update: Following language files have been updated: Simplified Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Philippino, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, French

Release 8.0.3
Maintenance release
- New: Management of ServersCheck PDU's
- New: Cold remote reboot of systems through software and PDU via secure SMS (requires PREMIUM edition & PDU)
- Update: SQL Server logging has been updated; UID column is reserved in MS SQL server and is now renamed to UUID
- Update: All incoming SMS messages are now logged in the \logging subdirectory (sms.log)
- Update: Support for Zoom 4595 3G modems for SMS alerting. Falcom Samba 75 discontinued by manufacturer (EOL)

Release 8.0.2
Maintenance release
- Update: It is now possible in the Configuration Wizard to set the account properties for the ServersCheck services
- Update: Additional logging in the monitoring_watcher
- Update: Loading screen when software is initially started

Release 8.0.1
Maintenance release
- Update: Monitoring Appliance can now perform up to 250 monitors instead of initial 100
- Update: Perl58.dll component updated
- Fix: in release 8 the select of a sub item in a report would not work
- Fix: when graphing option not set in settings.conf then it would by default assume no graphing
- Fix: In the TRACERT check the buttons would not gray out if no user action performed in the IP field although value prefilled from device info
- Fix: in some circustmances a monitor could record a negative downtime resulting in an incorrect SLA for that monitor being computed

Release 8.0 - Release Candidate 1
Major release - New License Key Required
- New: Integrated MIB Browser(SNMP v1 & v2) allowing to perform SNMP scan on device usin port 161 and 'public' as community string*
- New: API for new monitor types enabling to create own custom monitors in the software
- New: WMI check type enabling to monitor any WMI numeric value returned
- New: Timeline report for alerts providing visual representation of status and downtime of monitors*
- New: Support for Gmail as mail server for email alerts
- New: List of ISP's external mail servers for email alerts
- New: Support for direct RDP connectivity to device from Device Dashboard View
- Update: GUI update for adding a new device with scanning for VNC & RDP
- Update: Device details view has been update with new graphs browser
- Update: Device details view will now prompt user to scan device after adding it
- Update: Graphing interval has been reduced on Appliance to reduce CPU load used by graphing component for the benefit of the other components
- Update: GUI interface update for the General settings
- Update: New Configuration Wizard with aid for configuring email alerting
- Update: General GUI refresh: new buttons, layout improvements, editable/customizable stylesheet
- Update: Graphing process update for Monitoring Appliance reducing impact on CPU on load
- Update: Sort button on status in All Monitors View
- Update: For checktypes BANDWIDTH & TRAFFIC ServersCheck now also scans not only via SNMPv1 but SNMPv2
- Update: Adding new monitor GUI refreshed with grayed out buttons to force form completion
- Update: Long monitor logs could cause browser to crash - limited to 200 most recent records
- Update: Pagination in monitor log vierwer
- Fix: Automatic detection of NIC's through SNMP v2 would not work for bandwidth & traffic check types
- Fix: MMS check type would indicate a Media Load failure when duration time is not correctly returned by the Windows Media Player although the file played.
- Fix: 2 Way SMS Commands are now recognized regardless of where incoming SMS messages are stored (Phone or SIM).
- Fix: Status change table in ODBC could result in ODBC errors due to date formatting
- Fix: Time parameter in EVENTLOG check was not taken into consideration when string match is left blank

* those features are not available in the Professional version. Requires Business or Premium edition.

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 7.x?

Release 7.15.10
Important Maintenance Release
- Fix: Monitoring_watcher would not start in some conditions in release 7.15.9
- Update: Default display in All Monitors View is first DOWN, followed by DOWN?, WARNING, OK, PAUSED and HALTED

Release 7.15.9
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Adding New Device would not work
- Fix: POWER sensor would not be detected when running USB mode (USB mode is discontinued - replaced by ethernet sensors)

Release 7.15.8
Maintenance Release
- Fix: POWER sensor would return incorrect results in some conditions
- Fix: ALL monitors option in the User configuration would not work
- Fix: Upon the web server service restart, the self cleaning module could corrupt the serverscheck.conf file
- Fix: Default cindition when creating a new PING monitor was 'less than' instead of 'greater than'
- Fix: Removing trailing spaces when adding a new device - this could result in device not being visible
- Update: Status of Signal Tower is now updated more frequently to bypass resets of tower due to current fluctuations

Release 7.15.7
Maintenance Release
- Update: EVENTLOG check now uses WMI to query instead of IPC$ connections. Verify currently defined EVENTLOG monitors prior to putting it into production.

Release 7.15.6
Maintenance Release
- Fix: When clicking on a device name in the ALL MONITORS view, the user is no shown the device view
- Fix: WINDOWSHEALTH would skip disk alerting if status on memory or cpu was WARNING
- Update: WINDOWSHEALTH check has been updated - decreasing check response time by up to 50%. Verify currently defined WINDOWSHEALTH monitors prior to putting it into production.

Release 7.15.5
Maintenance Release
- Fix: FILE check type would not allow for the read from file list to be checked without giving a file name
- Fix: Device view was visible to customized user accounts
- Update: 2 customized user accounts can now be created in the trial version

Release 7.15.4
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Outgoing mail server when not running in SSL mode would not take non default port values
- Fix: Compact view overall status data would defer from default screen

Release 7.15.3
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Compact View error in stats for monitors having a DOWN? status
- Fix: Downtime report did calculate the % based on incorrect timing (total downtime remains valid)

Release 7.15.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Compact View enabled users to view status of other monitors -> Compact View is an Admin only view
- Fix: Flooding sensor would show DRY status in main dashboard even when DOWN due to Flooding (alerts were generated correctly)
- Fix: Improved error indication on sensor communications
- Fix: Security Sensor Monitors would not reset when running in service mode (debug mode not affected)
- Fix: Compact View would reset to 6 columns after each restart

Release 7.15.1
Maintenance Release
- Update: Intervals can now be set to a maximum value of 86400 seconds or 24 hours
- Fix: During the first 10 days of the month the Downtime report could cause a division by zero error making the webserver stop (did not affect the monitoring)

Release 7.15.0
New feature release - new license file required
- New: RTSP check to monitor if a RTSP mediam stream is available
- New: SIP check monitoring if a SIP server is alive; also monitors response time from SIP server allowing to monitor Latency and resulting Jitter for QoS of VoIP server
- New: Devices can now be stopped (paused) from the Device View
- New: Support for multi-site monitoring with Appliances (MSP Edition)
- Fix: Test Settings could result in web server being non responsive due to test failing. Testing now times out after 1 minute

Release 7.14.2
Maintenance Release
- New: Dashboards show latest screen refresh time
- Fix: WINDOWSHEALTH check would ignore disk if available disk space equal to 0%
- Fix: FILEAGE check could return negative values due to time zone conversions

Release 7.14.1
New feature release - new license file required
- New: Information from Monitoring Software can now be queried through SMS (requires GSM modem)
- New: Support for LCD display to show monitoring status (requires Visual C++ 2008 Runtime - see for more info)

Release 7.13.3
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Flooding sensor would alert correctly on WET condition but rather than stating "WET" it stated "UNKNOWN"
- Fix: Removal of edit and delete icons for the "Unlinked" device name in DEVICE MONITORS view
- Fix: When adding a new device, ServersCheck would automatically scan the device. It now jumps to the device page and allows to either add a new monitor or scan the device
- Fix: Renaming a team would not be applied to the defined team members
- Update: Several language files have been updated: Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, German, Traditional & Simplified Chinese, Swedish

Release 7.13.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: In some situations the SLA could be wrongly computed

Release 7.13.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Addresses issue of negative values for time based SLA
- Fix: JP.lang issues resulted in incorrect GUI

Release 7.13
New feature release - new license file required
- New: Support for the Signal Tower enabling visual alerting on all monitors status (including 85dbs audible alert)
- Fix: Stats were not shown in Compact View
- Update: JP.lang has been updated to latest release
- Update: PINGAVG check runs now sequentially due to limitation in pipe communications resulting from latest Microsoft Service Packs.

Release 7.12.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Security sensor communication was not stopped when service is stopped causing issues upon service restart

Release 7.12.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Issue with SNMP Integer values returning 0x instead of value

Release 7.12.0
New feature release - new license file required
- New: Compact view allows to see all monitors with values. Number of columns can configured; font-size is set in serverscheck.css stylesheet (tabdatacompact)
- New: Downtime report per monitor allowing you to see the time based downtime per month (clock icon in All Monitors view or by clicking on service level percentage)
- Fix: Flash piechart and service level bar would come on top of charts
- Update: Service level was previously counter based calculated; it can now be set to time based (default value) or business days time based (excluding down time during weekends)

Release 7.11.0
New feature release - new license file required
- New: Voice phone alerting using SkypeOut to make land line phone calls (BETA)
- New: VoiceModem_tester in the add-ons directory enables to configure & test voice phone calls
- Update: Voice phone alerting has been reintroduced with new configuration and improved call detection using menu options during call
- Update: HUMIDITY monitor now enables to be alerted on failure between an minimum and maximum range (default 40% and 70%)
(note to existing customers: a manual upgrade is required to enable the voice phone alerting features)

Release 7.10.3
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Issue when adding a new DEVICE MONITOR where the previously added device is always shown

Release 7.10.2
Maintenance Release
- Fix: SNMPTRAP rule would show the first digits of an IP address also as last digits.
- Fix: Default settings were prefilled with dummy data
- Fix: FILEZSIZE check would not show settings when adding a new monitor of that type
- Fix: PINGAVG check would not execute within set time frames
- Fix: Uptime via SNMP could generate wrong result when milliseconds are returned.
- Update: JP.lang file has been updated

Release 7.10.0
New feature release - new license file required
- New: Default Monitor Values can be defined to preset values for some checks and alerts
- New: MSP Edition - Beta Release 2.0 - Replication of configuration between agent and central server
- Update: Device Scan redesigned for better usability, bandwidth discovery added
- Update: Monitor New Device performs name lookup via SNMP & netbios
- Update: Network Scanning speeds has been increased; device name discovery through netbios
- Update: Network & Device Scan now use Default Monitor Values to set thresholds & alerts
- Fix: Slider would not allow to set interval larger than 900 seconds
- Fix: SMS field in alert settings would show email alert
- Fix: When modifying operating system on device, then device type value would return to default value (File Server)

Release 7.9.1
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Trial version would only execute first 10 rules
- Update: Syslog alerting now sends device ID in alerts

Release 7.9.0
New feature release - new license key required
- New: NTP (Network Time Protocol) check has been added
- New: RULES check allows to generate alert when a combination of other rules are DOWN (requires Business Edition)
- New: 8.0 beta feature of managing the maintenance window for a rule (when not to check)
- New: 8.0 beta feature of creating & editing reports
- Fix: In some cases the s-alerts would fail with an ordinal error due to a conflict with another libeay32.dll

Release 7.8.8
Maintenance release
- Fix: WINDOWSHEALTH check would skip disk if empty due to problem in WMI; workaround fixes the issue
- Fix: s-alerts.exe component could stay at 100% CPU usage in 7.8.x installations when using a GSM modem
- Fix: Changes to some error code data when testing email settings
- Fix: update in monitoring_manager & monitoring_rule for exception handling
- Update: Retry interval has been added to bulk edit options

Release 7.8.7
Maintenance release
- Fix: Errors Suggestions when Testing Settings would not work in IE6 & IE7
- Fix: In release 7.8.X in some cases the rule dependency would not correctly work due to an architecture change. This has now been corrected
- Fix: "Execute Application" alert settings were not correctly saved for Warning alert levels
- Fix: Alert Settings could be overwritten with a previous value when editing a rule
- Update: When Testing Settings, the screen loads immediately with a loading icon

Release 7.8.6
Maintenance release
- Fix: LINUXHEALTH rule matching for CPU has been enhanced so that other commands like "top b n 2 | grep 'total' | sed 's/total/Cpu(s)/g' | sed 's/$/ id/'" are supported.
- Fix: Incoming SMS where not read correctly in 7.8.X versions

Release 7.8.5
Maintenance release
- Fix: If a rule has not yet been performed, then it is now considered being OK
- Fix: Time filter would not be applied when the EVENTLOG check type did not include a string match
- Update: Device selection and then rule selection when creating a bandwidth report
- Update: Device selection and then rule selection in rule dependency
- Update: FILE check now also supports wild cards and file count

Maintenance release - Recommended upgrade for all 7.8.x users
- Fix: Duplicate rules and unable to login issue fixed
- Fix: Pausing groups would not work when multiple groups were paused
- Fix: Clicking on graph icon would not work in older browsers due to HTML coding issue
- New: Retry interval can now be set to any interval (default was 3s)

Release 7.8.3
Maintenance release
- Fix: Bulk Edit would fail when sending large amounts of data through browser

Release 7.8.2
Maintenance release
- Fix: Saving of page refresh settings would not work in 7.8.0
- Fix: SNMP Trap add-on would not recognize wild card OID's
Many language files have been updated

Release 7.8.0
New license key required
- New: Bulk Edit function for BUSINESS and PREMIUM editions
- Update: Performance of sending SMS alerts using GSM modems is optimized resulting in an important performance gain for sending out alerts
- Update: New menu option 'MANAGE'
- Update: Body of SMS messages can now be customized
- Update: 'TEST SETTINGS' for email and SMS is grayed out until 'SAVE SETTINGS' has been performed
- Update: When changing an option in the 'General Settings' option, then the changed values are directly visible
- Update: SNMP Trap Receiver would fail if trap would not contain IP address
- Fix: When editing a rule from the device view, then the user is now sent back to the device
- Fix: In 7.7.0 saving settings of a rule after changing alert options then the alert settings changes are lost
- Discontinued: due to the unreliable nature of voice phone alerts, ServersCheck no longer provides active support for this option and recommends users to use SMS or email based alerts instead

Release 7.7.0
New license key required
- New: GUI Implementation of Modal UI to improve navigation and usability
- Update: SSL Configuration Tool 1.1 released - Out of Beta
- Update: ServersCheck Configuration Service rebranded as "ServersCheck WebServer Service"
- Update: WINDOWSHEALTH & LINUXHEALTH checks now store each value in a separate row when using ODBC logging. SERVERSCHECK_DATA table has new field called 'ValueType'. Update database schema.
- Fix: Warning alerts for WINDOWSHEALTH & LINUXHEALTH checks was not correctly stored
- Fix: In some situations a WINDOWSHEALTH graph would be shown as first graph for other rules
- Fix: License reading issue in 7.6 for PROFESSIONAL editions

Release 7.6.3
Maintenance release
- New: SSL Configuration Tool to run ServersCheck Web Server in HTTPS mode*
- Fix: mySQL & ODBC logging
- Fix: Test Settings of SMTP outgoing mail server could stop ServersCheck Web Server
- Fix: Scheduled Reports would not be sent in some situations
- Update: Support for the URLIMAGE check in HTTPS mode
* This requires a manual upgrade. Not available through the upgrade.exe tool.

Release 7.6.2
Maintenance release
- Update: mySQL support for ODBC logging
- Update: time error reported when a check times out instead of current "UNKNOWN" errors
- Update: Pause/Stop button in Group View
- Update: MSP edition improvements for avoiding errors related to data not being received

Release 7.6.1
Maintenance release
- Fix: Some values were correctly saved for Windows checks but not shown in the check definition settings
- Fix: mySQL check test could stall the web server requiring a service restart
- Fix: Alert acknowledgement text was not shown in the Rule Log History

Release 7.6.0:
Major new release - New license key required
The most important change in this version is that the username and password for all Windows based rules is now managed from a list of credentials. Current defined username and passwords will still work but when the settings of a rule is altered, then you will need to select a user from the list of credentials.

As this is a major upgrade, we recommend to first test the new release in trial mode on a test system using your configuration prior to putting it into a production environment.
*** *** *** *** *** ***

- New: Suggestions for solving common errors can be found by our Error Solving Suggestion Tool
- New: Credentials for Windows checks are now centrally managed
- Update: Improved error reporting for SERVICES checks
- Update: Improved error reporting for PROCESS checks
- Update: Improved error reporting for EVENTLOG checks
- Update: Improved error reporting for REGISTRY checks
- Fix: Overflow error could occur when running EVENTLOG checks with many entries in event log
- Fix: EVENTLOG check can now monitor local system too

Release 7.5.8
Maintenance release
- Fix: Solves issue in the disk exclusion for the WINDOWSHEALTH check type.

Release 7.5.7
Maintenance release
- Update: WINDOWSHEALTH and LINUXHEALTH checks now support disk exclusion (for example to exclude networked drives)

Release 7.5.6
Maintenance release
- Fix: Static HTML output was not generated in some cases due to structure in serverscheck.conf file
- Update: Sensor communication DLL has been updated with some enhancements
- Update: Remarks are now shown in static HTML report as in main interface
- Update: DOWN? status in static HTML reports follows same logic as in main interface

Release 7.5.5
Maintenance release
- Fix: structure in the serverscheck.conf file could result in graphs not to be created
- Update: Environmental sensor monitoring checks rewritten to better deal with timeout issues
- Update: Temperature and Humidity check rewritten to avoid duplicate calls and to share data accross checks

Release 7.5.4
Maintenance release
- Fix: Email alerts would include the \n character instead of carriage returns in emails
- Fix: Instructions on alert would duplicate carriage returns
- Update: Last note added to a rule in now shown in the remarks column (mouse over on info icon)

Release 7.5.3
Maintenance release
- Fix: When running in trial mode, the 10th rule would not be executed
- Fix: In Device View when clicking on "Unlinked Rules", then all rules are shown
- Fix: New line breaks in the alert acknowledgement could corrupt the serverscheck.conf file
- Fix: New line breaks in the alert instructions could corrupt the serverscheck.conf file
- Fix: SQL logging would not store date and time stamp in table SERVERSCHECK_CHECKS

Release 7.5.2
Maintenance release
- Fix: The Configuration Wizard would hang when trying to define username and password
- Fix: New Scheduled Reports could not be created resulting in the web server to hang
- Fix: Web server would not work in SSL mode when running as a service or called outside the main ServersCheck directory
- Fix: When creating a report in My Reports using release 7.5.0 or 7.5.1, then the reports were incorrectly saved
- Fix: MSP version: monitoring_thread2 would execute rules locally instead of reading them from udp messages

Release 7.5.1:
Maintenance release
- Fix: Networkmapping.exe would fail in 7.5 when loading the conf file
- Fix: Monitoring_watcher.exe component would send empty alive messages every 30 seconds when no watcher.conf file is defined
- Update: Upgrade.exe now works for 7.5 upgrades and starts services automatically after install
Following language files have been updated: AR, ID, HE, SI, HU, FI, SE, VN, CZ, IT, HI, FP, PL, TC, CN, SK, MY, DE

Release 7.5.0:
Major new release - New license key required
- New: Security Sensors: ServersCheck new product line of security sensors for server racks has been added to the software. Security sensors are real-time sensors. Communication between sensors, security bus and software is handled through the new monitoring_security component.
- New: Camera View: by adding AXIS camera's you can view what is going on in your computer room through the software. The software can start recordings when the security sensors are being triggered.
- New: The SMTP components handling outgoing mail alerts have been redesigned. SSL (STARTTLS) enabled outgoing mail servers are now also supported (eg: Gmail,...)
- Update: The web server now communicates with the browser using the POST protocol instead of the GET protocol
- Update: When alert settings of a rule are being changed, then the browser is redirected to the rule general settings instead of the default view
- Update: All configuration files are now stored in the conf subdirectory
- Update: All license files are now stroed in the lic subdirectory
- Fix: FLOODING check would not correctly show parameters when editing or use them when testing the rule
- Fix: Bandwidth reports now take the correct RRD value for MAX
- Fix: Bandwidth and Trend Reporting would show in 7.x releases always 1/1/1970 as a start and end date regardless of the date being chosen
- Fix: The link in the Scan Device to add new checks did not work due to error in default.lang file

Release 7.1.5:
Minor Release:
- Fix: In some situations the alerting module would stop working. The monitoring_watcher monitors the behavior of the alerting for higher availability
- Fix: Email alerts sent through the built-in mail server did not always report correct time due to time zone differences.
- New: By default Business, Premiums and Enterprise MX8 editions will run in "half speed" mode resulting in less CPU usage and less memory usage. Through the interface, the software can run in full speed mode

Release 7.1.4:
Minor Release:
- Update: FLOODING check supports now USB and Ethernet connections
- Fix: Drill down on PAUSE, HALT and WARNING (if status is DOWN?) would not work correctly
- Fix: Network maps were not being generated correctly in some editions
- Fix: Sla was not calculated on WINDOWSHEALTH checks

Release 7.1.3:
Minor Release:
- Update: Due to a possible memory leak issue in the Adobe Flash Player, it is now possible to disable the charts for linux and windows health checks
- Fix: (for release 7.1.2) when a rule would not have OK, DOWN or DOWN? status then it would be skipped
- Fix: DOWN? interval is now executed with a 3 second interval

Release 7.1.2:
Minor Release
- Fix: When an incorrect DNS for ODBC logging is defined, then this could cause monitoring to stop
- Fix: Interval when DOWN / DOWN? was not used; OK interval was used instead
- Fix: Report Scheduler would send out non-value graphs (sla, availability) when only "value" is selected

Release 7.1.1:
Minor release
- Fix: Memory leak issue due to Windows ODBC handling - Fix: Alert handling on status change would not be performed correctly
- Fix: HALT status for check would not be shown in GUI
- Update: Monitoring_watcher has been extended with additional internal monitoring features to autocorrect memory issues
- Update: Device or Group Status would show as HALTED/PAUSED when all rules linked to device/group have the DOWN? status

Release 7.1.0:
Major new release - New license key required
- New: SNMPTRAP check enabling to receive and alert on SNMP traps generated by other devices. Included in PREMIUM editions and optional add-on for all other releases.
- New: New component (monitoring_threads2.exe) resulting in a much faster monitoring (highest performance increase for Business and Premium Edition users).
- New: Less disk I/O's when performing checks; status of rules updated every 20 seconds
- New: Redesigning of graphing component resulting in less load on the system and higher availability
- Update: DNS check allows now to specify the record type (A, MX, CNAME, NS or PTR) and the DNS server to use
- Fix: Alert instructions would overwrite the status change in the alert log of a rule when viewed through the browser

Release 7.0.4:
Maintenance release:
- Fix: Drill down from Groups to Devices would show all device names even if not linked to the group drilling from
- Fix: Drill down from Group "none" would not show the rules that are not linked to a group
- Fix: WINDOWSHEALTH check would not correctly send value data to the MSP Central Server
- Fix: LINUXHEALTH check would not correctly send value data to the MSP Central Server

Release 7.0.3:
Maintenance release:
- Fix: SMS alerts over GSM modem: If GSM modem was disconnected or not responsive then other alerts would be blocked
- Fix: From address was not correctly shown when "Saving Settings" for external mail server
- Fix: When adding a rule in the device view it would state that the limit is exceeded

Release 7.0.2:
Maintenance release:
- Fix: Changing settings in SMTP configuration where not shown in GUI
- Fix: Error message (%e) was not passed in alert execute on an application
- Update: SMS alerts are no longer sent as Flash SMS but as standard SMS messages enabling replying for inbound messaging
- New: SMTP settings can be tested by clicking on the TEST button after configuring them

Release 7.0.1:
Maintenance release:
- Update: Drill down on HALT and PAUSED status has been added
- Update: Error message in WINDOWSHEALTH check has been updated to better inform users
- Fix: LINUXHEALTH checks would not report correctly for long volume names and for some single CPU based machines
- Fix: Footer text was not rendered correctly for Unicode based languages

Release 7.0.0:
Major release - New License Key Required:
- New: WINDOWSHEALTH check performing a PING, CPU, MEMORY and DISKSPACE check in one check. Increases performance for monitoring Windows based systems
- New: LINUXHEALTH check performing a CPU, MEMORY and DISKSPACE check in one check.
- New: Flash based HealthGraphs for devices being monitored by WINDOWSHEALTH or LINUXHEALTH check
- New: Device Properties Windows
- New: Automatically detect Linux Agents during scan and suggest LINUXHEALTH check
- Update: Improved selection of items in trend analysis, scheduled graphs and scheduled reports
- Update: GUI redesigned for improved usability on smaller screens
- Update: Network Mapping Tool has been updated for easier selection of rules; circle diameter can be customized
- Update: Uninstaller deletes all but data files required for upgrading
- Update: Start Up time of monitoring has been significantly reduced
- Update: Devices and groups can be created without leaving new rule setup
- Update: Usernames can be created without leaving team member setup
- Update: User profiles integrity (team, usernames and users) has been improved
- Update: When a user is deleted, the user is also removed from all teams he belongs to
- Fix: Service restart would not work if Monitoring Watcher detected monitoring failure

What's New in ServersCheck Monitoring Software 6.x?

Release 6.10.2:
Maintenance release:
- New: LINUXCPU check added
- Update: Linux Agent updated for LINUXCPU check
- Update: Device name is shown in the "Today's Events" box
- Update: KR.lang file has been updated
- Fix: Device description text including " and ' characters would record only the part before the special characters

Release 6.10.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: IP address and description would not be shown in GUI after adding a new device
- Fix: File Age check error message corrected when file could not be found
- Fix: Linux Agent process check would not return correct error messages when process was not found
- Fix: Linux Agent would return incorrect error message when disk was not found
- Fix: Copy device rules for SNMP checks would not copy correct data (Enterprise editions only)
- Fix: PAUSE status has been excluded from drill down views on status (OK, WARNING or DOWN)

Release 6.10.0:
A New license key is required
- New: Send out alerts only on OK status (from Down to OK or from WARNING to OK)
- New: SMS messages can be sent to monitoring server to acknowledge alerts or provide feedback
- New: Add notes to rule history
- New: Support for Microsoft Outlook to send out email alerts (does not work in service mode)
- Fix: MSN protocol changed to new IP - alert_msn updated
- Fix: Bug fix for endless loop in Linux Process Listener
- Update: Email configuration has been updated
- Update: Remote Checks are out of beta

Release 6.9.4:
Maintenance release:
- New: Bulgarian, Latvian and Estonian languages added
- New: GSM Modem testing tool in add-ons subdirectory
- Fix: MEMORY check would not store data in SQL database
- Update: SMS alerting configuration and testing has been improved with debugging information and better usability
- Update: GSM Modem communication has been rewritten, support for Falcom Samba GSM USB Modems

Release 6.9.3:
Maintenance release:
- New: Indonesian language added
- New: Filters to restrict viewing based on status (view only down, warning or ok status)
- Fix: FTPFILEFOUND check would return incorrect status
- Update: Korean and Turkish language files

Release 6.9.2:
Maintenance release:
- Fix: Traditional Chinese language was not rendered correctly.
- Fix: Simplified Chinese would not render correctly; due to IE7 problem, Simplified Chinese only works with Firefox
- Fix: Rendering of Malay and Vietnamese language files
- Update: EVENTLOG check has been extended to allow for checking issues only for the last X hours
- Update: URL check can now also sent alerts when a specific content is found (negative match)
- Update: Norvegian language file has been updated

Release 6.9.1:
Maintenance release
- New: 2 new languages added: Malay and Vietnamese
- Fix: The Configuration Wizard would show the main screen if some steps were skipped and showed incorrect text messages
- Fix: In release 6.8.X and 6.9.X drive space checks would fail if the drive letter was not in upper case
- Fix: MSP Agent: when not selecting a group to export, it can create conflict when importing on master. Group selection is now enforced.

Release 6.9.0:
Major Release - New license key is required
- New: Native support for GSM modems as alerting option (Mobile Messenger tool no longer required)
- New: MMS check to monitor availability and performance of Windows Media Server streams
- Update: GUI improvements for non latin based languages including Arabic, Chinese
- Fix: Alert time stamp issue in release 6.8.X

Release 6.8.2:
Minor Release
- Fix: Enterprise users only - when defining Syslog and then removing it, alerts were no longer sent
- Update: Integration with new ServersCheck Remote Booting tool

Release 6.8.1:
Minor Release
- Update: Configuration Wizard now sets Service Logon and configures default team
- Update: When scanning for devices, alerts are now linked to teams instead of email
- Update: Monitoring_watcher has been updated for Enterprise users with additional internal checks
- Fix: Bandwidth report - total traffic report was incorrectly calculated in some conditions

Release 6.8.0:
Major release - New license key is required
- New: Devices can be scanned for recommended checks. For Windows based systems the scan includes disk drives, cpu, memory and running services; for all devices it performs a network scan for most common ports.
- New: Alert IVR is an optional add-on that enables a user to call the server using a phone when receiving alert to acknowledge it
- Update: Scanning new uses DNS to resolve found devices
- Update: RRDTool 1.2.15 is now being used
- Update: Graphs are now smaller in height by optimizing legend
- Fix: MSP: When importing the rules the service no longer needs to be restarted
- Fix: Process of managing teams has been improved
- Language files: Language files have not been updated and will be released upon availability

Release 6.7.1:
Minor release
- Fix: the instructions on alerts where not shown in the alerts options for a rule (although saved correctly)
- Fix: GUI mix up when editing 2 devices after another
- Fix: GUI issue in IE when reporting performance counter issues
- Fix: MSN alerting made compatible with latest MSN protocol changes
- Fix: APPLICATION alert parameters including a double quote (") would not be shown in GUI
- Fix: SMS UCP based alerts could be blocked due to incorrect length calculation
- Update: Following language files have been updated: NO, AF, Traditional Chinese

Release 6.7.0:
Major release
- New: Remote monitoring checks: these checks enable you to have a second opinion on your systems by running the checks on servers operated by ServersCheck and having the status reported back by the software
- Update: the status indication of rules has been improved in order to reduce false positives
- Update: s-service.exe has been updated to terminate monitoring_watcher.exe when service is stopped
- Fix: Memory value would be incorrectly displayed in some situations
- Fix: Graphs would not cause spikes when data synchronization was missed between MSP Master and MSP Agent
- Fix: Bandwidth graphs are now available in the MSP Master
- Fix: Escalated alerts via SMS would not show the actual error message
- Fix: Importing multiple files in the MSP Master could cause loss of data structure in conf file
- Fix: Field in Lotus Notes check when editing
- Update: Following language files have been updated: SK, IT, PT, ES, RU, CN, CZ, FR, HE, DE, JP, AR, SE, PL
Additional languages files will be uploaded to the above url as they become available

Release 6.6.3:
Maintenance release
- Fix: Authentication would not work in some conditions when running 6.6.1 or 6.6.2
- Fix: Menu was not rendered correctly for users with restrictions applied to their login
- Fix: Escalated SMS messages would not show the actual error

Release 6.6.2:
Maintenance release
- Update: MSP data setup, configuration and import/export have been added to improve MSP set-up of ServersCheck
- Fix: Last view setting was lost after each refresh. Fixed.

Release 6.6.1:
Maintenance release
- New: ANTIVIRUS check informs when you when the Antivirus is out of date on the monitored system
- New: Network scan will now automatically add PING rules for each found device
- Fix: when selecting the group icon in all rules view, then all groups were shown instead of rules for that group only
- Update: GUI improvements for better usability
- Update: under the hood preparations for 6.7.X

Release 6.6.0:
New release - new license key required
- New: SNMPSTRING check to monitor string values returned by SNMP devices
- New: Page grouping all value graphs for all rules linked to a device
- Fix: Backup mail routing through our servers has been updated
- Fix: Double quotes in group and device names could cause HTML rendering issues
- Fix: SMTPPOP3 check has been enhanced with additional debugging info and open issue has been fixed
- Fix: Virtual Memory leak in the Monitoring_Manager.exe when using ODBC logging
- Update: s-graphs.exe has been rewritten from the ground up in order to be able to handle more requests per second for graphing; availability and service level graphs for the last 2 hours (daily, weekly and monthly are not affected)
- Update: ODBC logging now requires less database calls
- Update: Monitoring_Watcher (internal fail-over component) has been updated to address & resolve additional potential issues

Release 6.5.0:
Major new release - new license key required
- New: Network scanning - ServersCheck will autodetect devices in network*
- New: Copy devices - templates can be defined and then applied to different systems*
- New: Management of devices and groups has been modified for better usability
- Fix: USB connected sensors would not work under new sensor reading component - rollback performed
* Features require the Enterprise Edition

Release 6.4.4:
Maintenance release
- Fix: Dependency rule would show incorrect label name in drop down field
- Fix: "When not to check" time ranges were not read correctly by monitoring_rule.exe
- Update: Monitoring_watcher.exe has been extended to trap issues in monitoring_manager reported by 1 customer
- IT and DK languages updated

Release 6.4.3:
Maintenance release
- Fix: Alert acknowledgement is now in pop-up; solving refresh issue
- Fix: When only plotting value graphs by modifying setting; databases for new rules were not created
- Fix: Rule label was not visible in dependency field once dependency was set
- Fix: Users could not see their rules in 6.4.X
- Fix: The sign ' in group and device names could cause incorrect rendering in interface
- Update: Networked sensors now communicate over TCP/IP and no longer uses the Lantronix Redirector software
- New: MSP is now out-of-beta as release 6.4.3
- SE, NO, HI, JP and HU languages updated

Release 6.4.2:
Maintenance release
- Fix: Bandwidth reported in graphs was incorrect by factor 1024
- Update: Logging as been reduced to avoid disk space -> debug logging has been extended
- Update: Group management has been redesigned for better usability
- Beta: Support for the MSP version of ServersCheck
- KR, CN, TC, PL, ES, FI, RU, TR, SK, DE, AR, HE, GR languages updated

Release 6.4.1:
Maintenance release
- Fix: Alerts when not all fields were properly completed could be bypassed
- Fix: minor GUI updates improving usability
- Update: Teams and users management has been redesigned for better usability

Release 6.4.0:
Major new release - new license key required
- New: Redesign of GUI to provide quicker and better insight into systems health
- Fix: "On each status change" alerts would be incorrectly shown as "All Down and on each status change"
- Update: The SS6610J sensor is now only polled once when monitoring temperature & humidity; addresses the issue of simultaneous COM port calls

Release 6.3.4:
Maintenance release
- New: Rule dependency can now have multiple levels (hierarchy)
- New: When not to check: day of week is now supported
- Fix: HALT status could trigger alerts when going back to OK
- Fix: Error was repeated in email when going back to OK
- Fix: Error levels would not be reacted on in 6.3.X for TEMPERATURE and HUMIDITY checks

Release 6.3.3:
Maintenance release
- New: Fix in the URL check that caused the GUI to stop responding
- Update: Monitoring_Watcher version 1.0.3 - stable and out of BETA.

Release 6.3.2:
Maintenance release
- New: Monitoring_Watcher.exe component (BETA) monitors availability of monitoring system and restarts when necessary (for Enterprise users only)

Release 6.3.1:
Maintenance release
- Fix: Professional key would not be recognised
- Fix: Endless loop in URLEXISTS check
- Fix: Improved error message logging for the ODBCSQL check

Release 6.3.0:
New Feature Release - New License Key Required
- New: SNMP Traps can be sent by the software to other Network Management Systems (requires Enterprise Edition)
- Update: Rule dependency now also shows the label of the rule in the drop-down box
- Fix: Some language issues in the GUI have been fixed (Javascript, translation, ...)

Release 6.2.2:
Maintenance Release
- New: Sensor handling rewritten in interface and backend. Microsoft .NET framework is required.
- Fix: User report would not be created if user directory did not exist
- Fix: Incorrect ODBC Logging string for Enterprise users would cause checks to stop
- Fix: Power and Flooding sensors would return incorrect status for newer firmware
- Fix: Text messages (SMS) are now truncated when >= 160 characters
- Fix: Issue in date handling in log file causing logs sometimes not to be visible
- Fix: Acknowledge button would not be shown in checks only having DOWN level (and not WARNING; eg HTTPSTATUS)
- Update: New DLL to handle additional errors when communicating with sensors via device servers
- Update: Sensor Agent has been retired (as replaced by device server)
- Update: Windows Agent has been retired (as replaced by ServersCheck SNMP SubAgent)

Release 6.2.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Power Sensor values were incorrectly recorded
- Fix: ClickATell messages would not be sent if exceeding 160 characters
- Update: s-service.exe has been updated with internal monitoring and automatic restart in the event of a monitoring failure

Release 6.2.0:
Important Release
- New: MAXDATA check to monitor servers from MAXDATA
- New: Alerting via ePowerSwitch Remote Reboot Unit (currently only available in Europe)
- Update: TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, POWER and FLOODING checks have been rewritten - require .NET framework
- Update: Additional s-graphs.exe started by service for increased graphing performance
- Update: s-service.exe has been updated
- Fix: Saved Trend Analysis reports would only render last created report
- Fix: Incorrect properties when clicking on "Configure List of Devices"
- Fix: Alert message when WARNING would display the DOWN message and not the WARNING message

Release 6.1.4:
Maintenance Release
- New: ServersCheck MIB Browser launched and integrates with ServersCheck Monitoring Software for adding SNMP OID monitoring
- Update: SNMP check can now also monitor sysUptime OID
- Fix: URLEXIST and URL would return OK in some situations when connection can not be made
- Fix: TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, FLOODING & POWER checks would return OK with 0 as value when the COM port can not be opened
- Fix: TEMPERATURE, HUMIDITY, POWER: the Device Server flag could not be reset
- Fix: In some specific circumstances saved Bandwidth reports could not be retrieved through My Reports

Release 6.1.3:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: on some Windows2003 systems, the monitoring_manager.exe, monitoring_rule.exe and s-server.exe would fail (6.1.0 users or higher)
- Fix: Hebrew language (HE.LANG) contained some invalid characters resulting in Javascript errors
- New: it is now possible to only have value graphs refreshed (and turn graphing of service level, availability off - data logging still happens). See knowledge base entry for more details on configuring this option:

Release 6.1.2:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Total bandwidth calculation in Bandwidth Reporting could return incorrect results

Release 6.1.1:
Maintenance Release
- New: ServersCheck's Configuration Server does no longer require a C:\ drive installation of Windows
- Fix: Monitoring_Manager.exe could die in some conditions due to incorrect enterprise.conf file
- Fix: Value graphs for last hours and last day were not being generated
- Update: Following language files have been updated DK, RU

Release 6.1.0*:
Important New Release - New License Key Required
- New: 'Bandwidth Reporting' add-on to monitor bandwidth performand and usage*
- New: 'My Reports' section allowing to save and view Trend Analysis & Bandwidth reports that have been created
- New: Oracle, SQL and MySQL scripts to setup the database for ODBC logging (see add-ons/subdirectory)
- Update; Bandwidth graphs now plot values with dynamic scaling and include additional usage reporting
- Update: Access database (default database) has been updated. Check format before upgrading or running ODBC logging
- Update: Graphing engine updated to RRDTOOL 1.2 with Anti-Aliased graphs
- Update: Memory & DRIVESPACE graphs have been improved for better logging
- Update: TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY checks now capture values with a 0.1C precision (previously 0.5C)
- Update: ODBC logging has been improved for performance resulting in less data storage and less ODBC communication
- Update: Monitoring Service has been extended with new "watchers" to detect abnormal behaviour and self correct issues in order to ensure availability of monitoring system
- Update: devices are now sorted in Device Settings option
- Update: first value graphs are shown and then the error graph followed by the service level graph
- Update: reports are now stored in folders linked to the username that is logged in
- Fix: the Configuration Server was slow in some conditions when being accessed from a remote server

* Users storing data in an ODBC database need to upgrade their database schema prior to running this version
* Bandwidth Reporting Add-On is included in license if purchased before February 1st, 2006
* Following language files have been updated for release 6.1.0:
EN,NO,NL,SE,PT,GR,PL,SP,CZ,DE,FI,AR (other languages will soon)
You can download the language files from following URL:

Release 6.0.3:
Minor Update Release
- New: Japanese language added
Release 6.0.2:
Important Release for 6.0.X users - Recommended update
- Fix: alerts for non-value based rules were not correctly generated
- Fix: non-value based rules' alert settings did display "WARNING" instead of "DOWN"
- Update: improved logging of alerting in monitoring_rule.log files
- Update: Hindi language file updated
Release 6.0.1:
Minor Update Release
- Update: PINGAVG check now also works for non-English based operating systems
- Fix: Norwegian language file, NO.lang, was incomplete
Release 6.0.0:
Major New Release - New License Key Required
- New: Alert acknowledgement & escalation: when an alert is not acknowledge within preset time, then new alert is generated
- New: Increased performance in all Enterprise Editions
- New: WARNING level introduced with level specific alert options
- New: Possibility to modify the name of a rule once it has been defined
- New: Languages have been added: Traditional Chinese and Danish
- New: Static HTML reports are now also created per device (next to existing per rule and per group)
- Update: Devices view with VNC Integration and # rules per status
- Update: Group view with # rules per status
- Update: Integration between teams & logins for improved management
- Update: All language files reviewed and updated (except Hebrew, Afrikaans, Arabic & Slovak)
- Fix: Time zone issue in external emails
- Fix: EVENTLOG fix where check would always return OK on large EVENTLOGS or slow machines
- Fix: Team editing bug causing duplicate entries
- Fix: Some strings would not be shown correctly in Unicode based languages
- Fix: Review and update of several language file on translation accuracy

Important: If you have defined scheduled reports or graphs in a version prior to release 6.0.0, then follow the instructions here:

What's New in ServersCheck 5.x?

Release 5.12.0 (build3):
New Feature Release
- New: Job dispatching in Monitoring Manager rewritten resulting in an important performance increase
- New: BANDWIDTH check new produces IN & OUT traffic graphs
- New: 'Edit Devices' added to the Admin menu
- New: Added calender functionality in Trend Analysis & Alert Analysis for improved reporting
- New: Drill up capability in Rules & Devices View
- Fix: Drilling down on empty group or devices would not work
- Fix: Bug fix in BANDWIDTH rule editing
- Fix: External SMTP server was not used in some situations, nor the built-in SMTP fail-over
- Fix: Links in 'Preview' of Schedule d Reports have been removed
- Fix: "ALERTS" view would be incorrectly rendered due to some error messages
- Update: "ALERTS" added in Admin > User profile option
- Update: Layout of Group & Device views set in line with All Rules View
- Update: Stylesheet of web interface has been stored in output/html subdirectory allowing further customization
- Update: Some icons have been modified for better usability
- Update: Last value added in 'ALERTS' view
- Update: Value graphs for the WINDOWSAGENT check

Release 5.11.3:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: When the default image sample_network.png is not in the output/networkmaps folder, then the monitoring_manager would stop
- New: "ALERTS" tab in main screen giving access to alerting reporting of status changes (only in PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE editions)

Release 5.11.2:
Maintenance Release
- New: Last view is automatically retained for the Admin account while the Configuration Server is running
- Fix: PERFCOUNT check would not take the decimal delimiter into consideration
- Fix: "\n" was shown in External email alerts
- Update: %d parameter has been added for email alerts to include device name
- Update: Groups and Devices views include less spaces improving better visibility
- Update: the LINUX agent has been updated to support HP-UX and Sun Solaris

Release 5.11.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: The list of rules would be empty when scheduling a report or creating a graph
- Fix: The default year when creating a graph is now set to current year
- Update: The reporting has been added to left side of screen for improved navigation

Release 5.11.0:
New Feature Release - Requires a new license key
- New: Following new language files have been added: Afrikaans (AF)
- New: REGISTRY check enables to monitor if a specified registry entry can be found or not on a remote computer
- New: Serverscheck.conf can be encrypted and as such run in stealth mode
- New: Support for FireFox 1.06 or higher (next to Internet Explorer)
- New: Drilling from groups view to computer view to rule view
- Fix: "Unknown error" reported in some situations for BANDWIDTH check
- Fix: BANDWIDTH check would sometimes report negative values
- Fix: Viewing an incorrect log file could stop the Configuration Server (not the monitoring activity)
- Fix: When refreshed selected non-default Network Maps would jump to the default Network Map
- Fix: In some situations the memory_check.exe could runaway (causing many threads to stay open).
- Fix: Non Internet Explorer based browsers would not be able to display the default Network Map
- Fix: Sensor values would not be graphed when "," would be used for decimals instead of "."
- Fix: Values would not be correctly shown when ServersCheck is installed on system with Finnish regional settings
- Update: Improved Log File viewing (under Log File tab)
- Update: Improved speed in Configuration File when refreshing list of rules
- Update: Alert_smtp component has been updated for non-Englished based Operating Systems
- Update: Debugging info from components has been improved in order to provide better support
- Update: Job distribution & handling between Manager component and Rule components has been improved by avoiding duplicates

Release 5.10.9:
Maintenance Release
- New: Following new language files have been added: Hindi (HI) and Urdu (UR)
- Fix: The Arabic language would not be correctly shown in release 5.10.8
- Update: The static HTML reports generated by ServersCheck are now translated in the language of installation

Release 5.10.8:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: The SS6610C would return incorrect values for the chosen sensor when connected through Serial to Ethernet Device Server
- New: Following new language file has been added: Korean (KR)

Release 5.10.7:
Maintenance Release
- New: Following new language files have been added: Russian (RU), Arabic (AR), Turkish (TR)
- Update: Following language files have been updated: IT, SP, GR
- Update: BANDWIDTH check configuration now connects to remote system to retrieve list of interfaces via SNMP and as result prefilling OID values
- Update: TRAFFIC check configuration now connects to remote system to retrieve list of interfaces via SNMP and as result prefilling OID values
- Fix: Users could not see their checks if linked to groups with non alphanumeric characters
- Fix: SS6610C humidity and temperature sensor check would cause thread to end if temperature and humidity are checked at the same time

Release 5.10.6:
Maintenance Release
- New: STANDARD edition now supports SMS alerting option
- New: Following new language files have been added: Hungarian (HU)
- Fix/Update: MSN alerts would no longer be sent due to change in servers by Microsoft.
- Update: File checking can now monitor locked files like log files from MS SQL server
- Update: Linux Process monitoring would not run correctly when a large number of processes are running on the Linux host. Agent and client have been rewritten. Update all deployed Linux Agent's with current version.
- Update: Lotus Notes check will now internally retry 2 times with a wait interval of 5 seconds when the check receives a "ID locked" error from Lotus Notes.
- Update: Multi-OS check was removed in ServersCheck.exe as it would report incorrect errors on some platforms.
- Update: Following language files have been updated: EN, DE, NL, FR, CZ, SK, PT and CN

Release 5.10.5:
Maintenance Release
- New: support of networked sensors connected through Serial to Ethernet Device Server
- Fix: alert option "All down cycles and each status change" did not operate correctly
- Fix: Linux process check would not return correct results
- Update: Improved logging of monitoring_manager & monitoring_rule enabling easier debugging

Release 5.10.4:
Maintenance Release
- Rollback: an issue has been reported and confirmed on some platforms regarding graphing in releases 5.10.2 and 5.10.3. A rollback of the s-service module has been performed to its last stable version (January 15th 2005)
- Update: Monitoring Supervisor agent reports version and edition of ServersCheck Monitoring Software

Release 5.10.3:
Maintenance Release
- New: the statuschange.log file stores all status changes for all checks for easy verification
- Update: the odbc.log now only stores odbc errors rather than all transactions
- Update: URL check component has been updated for improved debugging
- Fix: ODBCSQLDURATION would not correctly record timing

Release 5.10.2:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: ServersCheck would always set status to DOWN when the number of retries equals 0

Release 5.10.1:
Maintenance Release
- Update: Monitoring Service includes new internal watchers to detect and act on run-away components, checks no longer running, graphs no longer being refreshed
- Update: Internal mail server option has been updated to fix an issue of incorrect date formatting on non-English based installations of Windows

Release 5.10.0:
New feature Release
- New: WINDOWSAGENT check enables monitoring of Windows based systems by using a client installed agent
- Update: EVENTLOG check now can optionally scan for a specific string
- Improvements of minor issues

Release 5.9.0:
New feature Release - This release requires a new license key for Professional user
- New: LINUXMEM check enables monitoring of free memory on Linux systems
- New: LINUXDISK check enables monitoring of free disk space on Linux systems
- New: Support for Monitoring Supervisor

Release 5.8.4:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Multiple email addresses would not work in the Report Scheduler
- Fix: Email headers were not properly formed when using Internal mail server option
- Fix: ST6154 temperature readings would not be correct
- New: Sort on last down time is now possible in main checks overview
Release 5.8.3:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Sensor values would sometimes return a 0 value
- Fix: Values for some checks where not plotted in the graphs
- Fix: Values for some checks where not stored in the serverscheck_data table
- Fix: CPU values contained a space in the serverscheck_data table

Release 5.8.2:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: SMS alerting fixed for Vodafone UK (longer wait time prior to consider a time out)
- New: Update of ServersCheck to support Sensor Agents. These agents enable the installation of sensor in a remote location and the central polling by ServersCheck of the results of those agents.

Release 5.8.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Users not having edit rights would not see rule labels in the device and group views
- Fix: Values for graphs would not be stored if value not received within 5 minute time limit. Time limit has been made variable of the check interval so that when check interval has been set to value X, then the value has to be received with X*2 seconds of last request

Release 5.8.0:
New feature Release - This release requires a new license key for Professional user
- New: ServersCheck now directly communicates with SensorSoft environmental devices. Remote Watchman is no longer required. ST6105J, SP6400J, SM6201C, SS610C are supported.
- Update: Improvement of Configuration Wizard for first time users
- Update: Delete rule option is now located at the end of the configuration settings
- Update: Performance Counter checks are now done faster than in previous versions
- Update: Pause rules is now configurable on a per user level
- Fix: + sign is now supported in check definition

Release 5.7.6:
Mainteance Release
- Fix: Check status would not be refreshed under Internet Explorer 5, Netscape or FireFox
- Fix: Hyperlinks to ServersCheck website would not work in some languages
- Fix: Rule delete option in GUI would cause nested frames

Release 5.7.5:
Mainteance Release
- Fix: URL Content check would not correctly save conditions.
- Fix: Scheduled Reports in release 5.7.X would not print data (only graphs)
- Fix: In different languages the ´ sign was not shown in interface (javascript issues)
- Update: FILE checks now output clearer error messages.
- New: Following languages have been added: Slovak, Greek, Hebrew

Release 5.7.4:
Mainteance Release
- Fix: Performance counter would not return correct averaged values (CPU,...) due to issue within Microsoft's API.
- Fix: Groups would cause Javascript error in the checks overview.
- Update: FILE AGE and FILE SIZE checks have been made compatible with non-US date and data formats.
- Update: Returned Values for non-US data formats (eg: comma based decimals) is now supported.
- Update: Values in Graphs for non-US data formats (eg: comma based decimals) is now supported.
- Update: Performance increase for MX2/MX4 and MX8 Enterprise Editions
- Update: FILE AGE now also plots value graph (age expressed in seconds)
- Update: Units are now shown in columns next to values.

Release 5.7.3:
Mainteance Release - All 5.7.X are recommended to upgrade immediately
- Fix: A bug in release 5.7.2 would cause rules not to be correctly written and causing conf data to be overwritten

Release 5.7.2:
Mainteance Release
- Update: Interface has been redesigned for better reading and manipulation of data
- Update: Ordering of columns is now supported in All Rules View

Release 5.7.0:
Major New Release - This release requires a new license key for Professional user
- New: ServersCheck is now available in 9 additional languages (CZ, DE, SP, FR, IT, NL, NO, PL, SE)
- New: Test Settings are now also available when editing a rule
- Update: Performance increase of ServersCheck by reducing overhead caused by RRDTool
- Update: Views selection from checks overview page
- Update: Time stamp is added into name of logs
- Fix: White label in default HTML report when check is down
- Fix: Error returned when File Age check does not obtain value from system
- Fix: Subject and body of External SMTP are now correctly shown in SMTP Settings
- Fix: Edit device/alert in computer view would not correctly save data

Release 5.6.2:
Maintenance Release
- ClickATell notification service no longer relies on the SMTP API id but now uses the HTTP API id (Existing users need to modify their settings)
- Update for Enterprise users where the monitoring_manager now monitors the number of running threads of the monitoring_rule.exe

Release 5.6.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: a bug was discovered in 5.6.0 that would make the configuration server crash when a rule was being deleted

Release 5.6.0:
Major New Release - This release requires a new license key for Professional user
- The monitoring rule has been rewritten to use less processing power when idle resulting in better performance
- Checks data is now stored in a new subfolder: data Only required data is processed reducing processing overhead

Release 5.5.5:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Reboot Alerts would not be executed
- Fix: SensorSoft Temperature Check has been updated to work with latest version of RWME.
- Fix: ClickATell now also works for users using External mail server.
- Update: Internal Mail Server now supports line breaks in the email body.
- New: SensorSoft Power Check has been added.

Release 5.5.4:
Maintenance Release for Enterprise Users only

Release 5.5.3:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: In release 5.5.2 and 5.5.1 the modems would not be listed in the Configuration settings.
- Fix: Custom graphs would not plot value based graphs.
- Fix: Monthly predefined graphs would not generated.
- Fix: Report Scheduler would include hyperlinks in reports causing incorrect emails.
- Fix: New SMTPPOP3 could run into a loop causing other checks not to be performed.

Release 5.5.2:
Maintenance Release
- Update: SMTPPOP3 has been redesigned for higher performance and reliability of the check.
- Fix: Dell Open Manage check would generate a Javascript error.

Release 5.5.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: ODBC Logging: MS SQL procedure for database logging has been updated.
- Fix: ODBC Logging: ServersCheck would not correctly update the SERVERSCHECK_CHECKS table on MS SQL.
- Fix: The check interval was not shown when logged in as Administrator and creating a new monitor rule.

Release 5.5.0:
Major New Release - This release requires a new license key for Professional user
- New: Multi-user: ServersCheck now supports multiple user accounts and allows to custom define access rights.
- New: External check: custom batch files or exe's can now be executed as checks.
- Improved: The Configuration Server has been redesigned from scratch in order to improve speed, performance and reliability.
- Improved: ServersCheck's monitoring component has been updated to improve speed and reduce unneeded CPU usage.
- Update: ODBC logging: a rule status is now being updated in the database whenever the check has been executed and no longer at the end of check cycle.
- Update: When a rule had a DOWN? status it would block other checks from being executed as long as it was retrying. Now it will release the DOWN? rule and pick it up again at retry interval.
- Fix: Group names would leave an empty line when editing causing ServersCheck to behave incorrectly in some circumstances requiring manual editing of the groups.conf file.

Release 5.2.1:
Maintenance Release
- New: Dell Open Manage: Predefined OID's for Dell Open Manage have been added.
- Fix: SMS alerting component (alert_sms.exe) now support 8bits SMSC gateways (like Cingular Wireless)
- Fix: Group SLA would take paused checks to into calculation. This has been corrected: only active checks are used.
- Improved: The ServersCheck interface has been improved based upon user's feedback.

Release 5.2.0:
Major New Release - This release requires a new license key for Professional user
- New: Scheduled graphs: it is now possible to create custom graphs (which includes results from multiple checks) and schedule them
- New: Report Scheduler: this new feature allows to create reports, schedule them and automatically send them via email. This feature requires a separate license
- New: The refresh rate for the default graphs that are created for all checks can now be custom defined
- New: Default graphs creating can be set per rule.
- New: SNMP4W2K check allows to monitor items like memory, disk space, cpu, ... from a computer by using the SNMP4W2K add-on
- New: Cisco Works Server allows to monitor values returned through SNMP by the Cisco Works Server
- New: Sensorsoft thermometers monitoring: ServersCheck can now monitor temperatures returned by the Sensorsoft thermometers
- Improved: SNMPKB check has been redesigned to make it easier to monitor incoming and outgoing bandwidth through SNMP
- Improved: Timing interval is now also used when a check has a DOWN? status. Prior to this improvement, checks that failed where retried without waiting. The check interval time is now used between retries
- Improved: Fail-over module has been completly redesigned to offer better monitoring, reporting of fail-over status. Requires fail-over license.

Release 5.1.12:
Maintenance Release
- New: ServersCheck has a new file in the output: all.html - if any check is down then the content of this file is DOWN; if all checks are running then the content is OK
- Update: Linux/Unix Process Check can now operate on a custom port
- Update: RDDTOOL v1.048 is now shipped with ServersCheck. More info at
- Fix: URLEXISTS check would not always perform correctly
- Fix: + sign is now accepted in email addresses
- Fix: Time stamp in email based alerts has been changed to also support non-Outlook based email clients
- Fix: Some users could not start ServersCheck due to missing VB component

Release 5.1.11:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: New timing measurement for checks would not be correctly executed in some situations causing some checks to be performed continously
Release 5.1.10:
Maintenance Release
- Update: Values for graphs are now stored in an interval depending on the interval set for the rule (and no longer maximum over 5 minutes). In order to apply this change in an existing configuration you need to delete the existing .rrd files in the serverscheck_database directory. ServersCheck will recreate the files. If previous data is needed, then backup the files before deleting them. - Fix: ODBCSQL check will now show the value in the report.

Release 5.1.9:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Oracle Check would not be performed correctly.

Release 5.1.8:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: SNMPKB would not calculate values correctly.
- Fix: SNMPKB now also plots value graphs (existing databases have to be removed for this work).
- Fix: SNMP checks would not allow a value to be set in Mozilla.

Release 5.1.7:
Maintenance Release
- New: Performance increase for all Enterprise Editions.
- New: Values are now logged to database when they are retrieved. Database update required (see help file).
- Fix: Error causing checks not be correctly deleted from the serverscheck.dat file.
Release 5.1.5:
Maintenance Release
- New: HTTP HEADER check enables you to scan HTTP headers for a specific string in the header.
- New: HTTP STATUS check enables you to verify the returned HTTP status code by the web server.
- Fix: Issue in the trial version causing incorrect trial expiration has been fixed.

Release 5.1.3:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: PING and PINGAVG checks would not perform the retries if an error is found
- Fix: PINGAVG did not plot value graphs
- Update: Improved logging of alerts so that each alert can be tracked
- Update: PINGAVG check now supports option to also receive an alert when value is 0. In some circumstances, the Windows based PING check can return 0 although the remote computer is unavailable. This option handles this issue.

Release 5.1.2:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: URL check would not operate when verifying websites requiring authentication

Release 5.1.1:
Maintenance Release
- New: Multiple network maps are now shown in the Configuration Server too.
- New: PINGAVG check is now based upon Windows PING command. The value returned is the average value of 2 PING's. Requires an English based Windows installation.
- Update: PING check would not properly function on non-English based Windows platforms. Old PING check has been restored. Value returned is the Round Trip Time.
- Fix: URL check would not operate correctly causing the check to return an incorrect OK status

Release 5.1.0:
Major Update (This requires a new license key for PROFESSIONAL users of ServersCheck)
- New: FTPFILEFOUND checks a FTP server to see if a file can be found or not in the specified remote directory.
- New: SNMPKB allows to average the value of a SNMP device over time
- New: FILEAGE allows to monitor the age of a file in seconds (Create, Last Modified, Last Accessed time)
- New: Remarks can be added to a rule and published in the HTML report
- New: Alert only if other rule failed too: this allows you to only receive an alert if both rules fail
- New: HTTP Get alerts (replacing the current HTTP Post) allows to send out HTTP requests based upon your specification with the same parameters that can be used for email.
- New: Multiple Network Maps can be created
- Update: memory issue has been further addressed
- Update: in some conditions the rrdtool and other processes would run away. The service now monitors it and restarts the processes when needed
- Update: PING check is now based upon Windows PING command. The value returned is the average value of 2 PING's.
- Fix: URL check would not operate correctly causing the check to return an incorrect OK status

Release 5.0.14:
Recommended Update
- Fix: Empty lines would be created in the ServersCheck.conf file causing the application to behave incorrectly
- Fix: Groups would cause the configuration of a check to be truncated and corrupt the configuration file
- Fix: Down's would not be shown in the HTML report

Release 5.0.14:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: In some events Groups summary would not be correctly shown
- Fix: If a graph is not available then the graph will not be shown rather than showing an image not found icon
- Fix: The monthly graphs for response and value would not be created automatically and causing an image not found error in the HTML reports
- Fix: Redesign of the SMTPPOP3 check for better results
- Update: ODBC logging and HTML report creation has been optimized to use less ressources
- Update: SMTPPOP3 can now scan for a specific content in the email and alert on it
- Update: sql script for creating tables in MS SQL server has been added to package

Release 5.0.13:
Recommended Update
- New: URL check now supports authentication for secured websites
- New: fail-over in the s-service.exe; if the s_alerts.exe' memory usage is too high or if it crashed, then it is automatically restarted by the service
- Fix: ClickATell data would not be correctly saved
- Fix: Time stamp in alerts is no longer the time of the sending of the alert but the time the alert was generated
- Fix: Performance of SMTP through external mail server has been increased
- Fix: values would not be correctly shown in the HTML output
- Fix: HTML output per group was not working properly

Release 5.0.12:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: addressed jobs cleaning in the monitoring_manager.exe
- Fix: fail-over in the s-service.exe; if the monitoring_rules' memory usage is too high, then it is automatically restarted by the service

Release 5.0.11:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: addressed memory issues in the monitoring_manager.exe
- Fix: fail-over in the s-service.exe; if the monitoring_manager fails or memory usage is too high, then it is automatically restarted by the service

Release 5.0.10:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: HTTP Posts would not be executed in some events
- Update: Values can now be shown in HTML report that ServersCheck creates
- Update: Help File
- Update: When adding a check, ServersCheck will provide some additional information on specific requirements

Release 5.0.9:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Removed the service configurator due to issues on Windows2000
- Fix: In release 5.0.8 build 0, ServersCheck would not execute more than 3 checks with correct license files
Note: Performing the update.exe in the main ServersCheck directory will update to 5.0.8 build 1 (which is now called 5.0.9)

Release 5.0.8:
Recommended Update Release
- Fix: Application execution alert would not always be correctly saved
- Fix: Last value not shown in graphs
- Updated: Help File has been updated
- Updated: URLEXISTS check can now read values from different values
- New: PERFCOUNT check that allows for retrieving performance counters from a remote Windows based computer
- New: Fail-over feature that automatically restarts monitoring_rule.exe if that crashes
- New: ODBC Logging: store values of checks in database

Release 5.0.7:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Fix of ClickATell Service
- Fix: Email alerts where incomplete for URLEXISTS checks
- Fix: URLEXISTS read file flag would not be stored
- New: Oracle SNMP checks
- New: Linux SNMP checks

Release 5.0.5:
Maintenance Release
- New: New rules are now added through wizard
- New: Before adding a rule, the rule can be tested
- New: Possibility to only receive alerts based upon value condition (so not on timeouts,...)
- Updated: Alerts will now retry 3 times for external mail server with 30 seconds interval

Release 5.0.4:
Maintenance Release
- New: ServersCheck can now be updated through Update.exe option in the ServersCheck list of icons
- New: Data can be downloaded as CSV from reporting center
- Fix: Flickering on page reload has been solved for Internet Explorer 6 browsers
- Fix: SMTP.log stores again email alerts activity
- Updated: email alerts will now be retried twice in the event of a mail error
- Updated: all alerting activity is now written to a log file in the \alerts\logs subdirectory
- Updated: Help File is now shipped with software again next to the online version. New tutorials have been added

Release 5.0.3:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Event log checks would not be correctly performed
- Fix: Regional values are now accepted (eg France 1 000 for one thousand)

Release 5.0.2:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: CPU usage is reduced in PRO and ENTERPRISE edition
- Fix: SMS would not be generated in release 5.0.x
- Updated: Added tutorial for ClickATell

Release 5.0.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Service check would not return correct information
- Fix: Process check would not return correct information
- Fix: DriveSpaceNT4 check would always return 0 and errors were displayed in the value column instead of the errors column
- Fix: Dependency option in definition of a rule was alway empty

Release 5.0.0:
Major New Release
- New: Complete new ServersCheck architecture resulting in a significant performance increase
- New: Linux Process Check enables to monitor if a process is running on a Linux/Unix computer
- New: Option to add information about a check in the alert (eg actions to take)
- New: Update all Windows Accounts option that allows to change username and password for all rules
- New: Groups are now centrally managed through an option in the Configuration Settings menu
- Update: View Graphs has been improved so that only graphs for same time interval are shown (current, daily, weekly or monthly)
- Update: URL Exists check uses now engine of URL check (as such SSL is now supported)
- Update: Voice Phone and SMS alerts; when multiple alerts have to be generated, then ServersCheck will wait until the previous has been completed

What's New in ServersCheck 4.x?

Release 4.4.8:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Email settings are not correctly generated
- Fix: Minor GUI improvements

Release 4.4.7:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: SMTPPOP3 check would not delete emails
- Fix: PING check would cause alerts when going to the warning status
- Fix: Mail server has now to be selected (either internal mail server or external mail server)
- Fix: Verifies if WMI is installed and if port 1272 is available prior to launching the configuration server
- Fix: Application alerting has been rewritten to also enable scripts and batch files; improved layout
- Update: Improved reporting interface
- Update: STANDARD version has now all the features than the PROFESSIONAL version but is still limited to 3 monitoring rules only

Release 4.4.6:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: team alerting: SMS when there is more than 1 SMS message to be sent then the others are not sent due to modem unavailability
- Fix: team alerting: VOICEPHONE when there is more than call to be made then the others are not sent due to modem unavailability
- Fix: when the calendar day < 10 then the hour is not shown in the Configuration Server.

Release 4.4.5:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: team alerting would not be correctly generated if minutes of the hour less than 10
- Update: real-time status of checks. ServersCheck will now display the status of each check when it is asked for it and no longer only at the end of a check cycle.
- Update: Layout improvements (column headers) for screen resolution 1024x768
- Fix: Months in ODBC format would increase with every entry with one unit

Release 4.4.3:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: smtp_check would be not be terminated if check generates an error.
- Fix: ServersCheck starter is now properly checking if configuration server is available
- Fix: Reporting interface will now warn if no data is available
- Fix: All column headers have tool tips explaining meaning of each column
- Fix: ODBC now logs date/time as time and no longer as string

Release 4.4.2:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Backup SMTP has been reintroduced so that users can use this instead of the built-in mail server.
- Fix: Network maps would not be created if extension of image file is not png in lowercase
- Fix: ServersCheck starter (serverscheck.exe) would not take time enough to let the configuration server start
- Fix: Logs - if a log file would not be present then the configuration server would fail

Release 4.4.1:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: License key module would not recognize license keys
- Fix: Reports would not be correctly produced when ServersCheck is installed in a directory containing a space character

Release 4.4.0:
Important release, all users with a support and maintenance agreement are urged to upgrade
- New: Syslog logging for Enterprise users
- New: SMTP no longer requires an outgoing mail server and is replaced with a built-in mail server
- New: PROCESSCPU check allows to monitor the CPU usage of a process
- New: PROCESSMEM check allows to monitor the memory usage of a process
- New: Reporting option for creating custom graphs and reports
- New: Log file option enabling to monitor log files generated by ServersCheck
- Update: Complete new authentication mechanism making ServersCheck Configuration more secure
- Update: Downtime is now shown in a clear format
- Update: Better description of an error generated on values
- Fix: link in network mapping is now to the HTML report and no longer to the configuration server
- Fix: when a check is deleted it would still perform the check in the backgound until the service is stopped
- Fix: LIBEAY32.dll could cause some issues in some configurations. DLL has been removed and checks have been rewritten to work without DLL
- Fix: SMTPPOP3 check would not correctly save the values set

Release 4.3.9:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: URLEXISTS check would generate an incorrect error string (the ' sign repeated many times)
- Fix: DISKSPACE and DISKSPACENT4 Graphs fixed
- Update: Lotus Notes check will now also open the defined view

Release 4.3.8:
Maintenance Release
- New: FTPFILE is a check enabling to verify if a certain file exists on a FTP server
- Fix: Error in VB causes ms not be 100% reliable, timing in URL has been replaced by other timing mechanism
- Update: Lotus Notes check now tracks also the timing between connecting to notes and opening the database (it does a document count)

Release 4.3.7:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Error reason was not shown in body of email
- Info: AT&T removed from providers list: no longer supports paging and SMS through SMSC in the US
- Fix: URL download time was still set as seconds in the alert section for this check

Release 4.3.6:
Maintenance Release
- Fix: Lotus Notes Check

Release 4.3.5:
Bug Fixes
- Fix: Lock issue causing the Configuration Server to hang
- Fix: Multiple instances s-server issue: only one s-server.exe can be running
- Fix: Graph issue DriveSpace
- Updated: URLExists check allows now for single URLs to be defined

Release 4.3.4:
Bug Fixes
- Fix: Due to problems with NT4, old drive check was reintroduced for NT4
- Fix: Drive Space check would return "UNKOWN" error incorrectly
- Fix: SNMP would not be correctly trapped

Release 4.3.3:
Bug Fixes
- Fix: Due to problems with NT4, old drive check was reintroduced for NT4
- Fix: MSN account settings where not properly shown in the Set-Up section
- Updated: Lotus Notes check has been updated

Release 4.3.2:
Bug Fixes
- Fix: Enhanced memory checked cause ServersCheck to hang

Release 4.3.1:
Bug Fixed and New features release
- New: Voice Phone based alerts by using Text To Speech
- New: Daily charts
- New: Number of down checks and down time is now being displayed
- New: Daily charts
- Fix: Individual HTML checks were no longer rendered
- Fix: Memory, CPU and DriveSpace were not properly working with NT4

Release 4.3.0:
New features release
- New: MEMORY check for Windows® 2000,XP and 2003 based systems
- New: CPU check for Windows® 2000,XP and 2003 based systems
- New: Start remote service as alert (for Enterprise customers)
- New: Reboot remote server (For Enterprise customers)
- Fix: Disk Space check has been redesigned
- Improvement: GUI includes now validation rules to avoid errors when defining checks
- Improvement: URL timings are now expressed in ms instead of seconds
- Fix: Non-alphanumeric characters could cause the graphs not to be shown

Release 4.2.6:
Fixes release - recommended upgrade for URL Content Check users
- Fix: download times in URL content check
- Fix: processes of URL_Check keep growing; process is not properly terminated
- Fix: SMTP From and Body are now properly saved
- New: Upgrade procedure for installing new versions
- Fix: Missing ActiveX component for URL content check

Release 4.2.5:
Important release - recommended upgrade
- Fix: When accessing remotely to ServersCheck, session was always stopped after 10 minutes. Now it is set to kill session if inactive after 10 minutes
- Fix: MSN alerting had on some problems an active X error. This has been fixed by shipping additional OCX
- Fix: Event Log Check has been redesigned
- Fix: URL Check has been rewritten to support MS based proxy servers (ISA)
- Fix: Process Check has been rewritten by using different protocol avoiding errors on some OS (languages)
- Fix: "Equal To" Condition was not correctly performed
- Fix: On some platforms, ServersCheck could take all available memory and CPU. Code has been optimized to avoid file locking and memory leaks

Release 4.2.2:
Bug fixes release.
- Fix: File Negative Content check is fixed
- Fix: SMS Providers list has been updated

Release 4.2.1:
Bug fixes release.
- Fix: All file checks would fail due to an incorrect filename lookup
- Fix: SMTP configuration would overwrite SMTP monitors

Release 4.2.0:
Important release.
- New: Ability to view status of checks on a PNG image (included in ENTERPRISE Edition)
- New: MSN alerting replacing ICQ due to changes in ICQ protocol blocking third party apps to communicate with ICQ network
- New: Execute custom command on failure
- New: Track time between sending email and receiving it (for the SMTPPOP3 monitor)
- New: Values are now shown in the Checks overview page
- Fix: Bug in PING check when no value is given

Release 4.1.0:
Bug fixes and enhancements release.
- New: Monitor list of URLs where ServersCheck reads a file containing a list of URLs and then tests them one by one
- New: Lotus Notes databases can now be checked with ServersCheck
- Fix: ODBC logging failed due to some content in strings
- Enhancement: URL Content check can now read values from a file allowing for checking dynamic content
- Enhancement: File Content check can now read values from a file allowing for checking dynamic content

Release 4.0.6:
Bug fixes and enhancements release.
- Fix: ODBC logging failed due to empty groups
- Fix: SMTPPOP3 entries were not correctly written to configuration file
- Enhancement: ODBC extended with new table

Release 4.05:
Important new release. All users are recommended to upgrade to this release.
- Fix: Bug in SMS when error string was too long
- Improvement: Layout in General Settings (Set-Up)
- New: Backup SMTP server should primary SMTP server not respond correctly
- New: SMS Messages are automatically retried twice
- New: Per check it can be defined whether the check should be included in the output or not
- New: Weekly and Monthly Graphs
- New: Warning level for PING response times
- New: SMTPPOP3 Check; ServersCheck sends a test message through SMTP and checks with POP3 if well received
- New: Traceroute Check; ServersCheck checks route to a target host

Release 4.0.3 & 4.0.4:
Improvements and new features.
- New: HTTP Post added as alert option
- New: Logging of all alerts in the log file

Release 4.0.2:
Important update with ServersCheck Configuration now running as a service.
- New: Configuration Server now also runs as a service
- New: ODBC check is now template driven making addition of new checks easier
- New: Addition of caching headers to solve issue in IE5

Release 4.0.0:
Major update with the introduction of the ENTERPRISE Edition.
- New: Customizable email alerts
- New: Separate outputs per group of checks for the ENTERPRISE Edition
- New: ODBC Logging capability for the ENTERPRISE Edition
- New: Fail-Over capability for the ENTERPRISE Edition
- New: Check dependency enables to halt the monitoring of a check while the parent check is down
- New: Addition of new SMS platforms (ClickATell and GSMSoft) for SMS or PAGER alerts
- Fix: Improvement in SMS modem module

What's New in ServersCheck 3.x?

Release 3.5.1:
- Fix: Windows platforms might return incorrect 0 as a value for free disk space causing alerts to be generated. ServersCheck will retry connection if 0 is returned
- Fix: Some modems echo commands causing SMS not to work.
- Fix: Improving SMS configuration in Set-Up module
- Fix: Modem timeouts on SMS alerts has been increased to 60 seconds

Release 3.5.0:
- Improved interface with better indications
- New services, process, drive space and SNMP check modules
- New and simplified SMS and pager module
- Bug fixes in error trapping

Release 3.3.1:
- SNMP check redesigned
- Refresh of HTML Output corrected
- Bug fix causing some checks no longer to be performed
- Redesign of error output when checking on values

Release 3.3.0:
- image check added: you can now check if a dynamic image is rendered correctly. If an error occurs, then an alert is generated
- backend performance improvements

Release 3.2.2:
- Bug fix in s-server when adding a new check
- Rewrite and fix for Oracle check

Release 3.2.1:
- new check added: Event Log
- bug fix in sending test alerts when using SMTP authentication
- refresh rate of checks page is now configurable

Release 3.2.0:
- Added username and password protection for remote access
- New check added: file content, when a string can be found in a file then an alert is generated

Release 3.1.1:
- From email address can now be specified for checks
- Adding default values for team settings
- Improvements in service & process error feedback

Release 3.1.0:
- SMS alerting is now available to freeware users as well.
- Grouping of checks
- Bug fix for SERVICES checking

Release 3.0.5:
- Bug fix for PROCESS checking
- Reintroduced the ServersCheck interactive application
- Navigation improvements

Release 3.0.0:
- Team alerting: alerts can now be assigned to predefined teams
- SMS part of the PROFESSIONAL version: no additional software is required to send out SMS alerts
- Possibility to plot charts for a specific time range instead of the predefined last 24 hours
- Complete redesign of configuration server: from now on a browser is required to manage your ServersCheck application
- Serverscheck databases are installed within the same directory as ServersCheck

What's New in ServersCheck 2.5?

Release 2.5.2:
- Sound notification on alert added
- Remote management of ServersCheck (limited to PROFESSIONAL version users)
- Redesign Configuration Server architecture
- Bug fix in check

Release 2.5.1:
- ICQ alerts included
- Optimization and improvement of navigation
- SMTP authentication is now supported for test SMTP.
- Bug fix included for SMTP authentication

Release 2.5.0:
- A redesigned application to manage ServersCheck.
- Improvement on the check definition interface.
- SMTP authentication is now supported for sending out emails.
- New checks added: Oracle, MySql, File, File Content, External, Disk space, Processes.
- Reduced time interval when check is down
- Ability to delete a defined check
- License counter (in About window)

What's New in ServersCheck 2.1?

Release 2.1.4: Tray application has been removed. The port of the ServersCheck is now configurable (default to 1272) as requested through the serverscheck.port file. A work-around for the memory issue comes now with the ServersCheck installation.
Release 2.1.3: Updated installation process, interactive installer and interactive menu. Special thanks to Scott Swedorski from Tucows for his valuable input in this matter. You can now start ServersCheck through a serie of Hot Keys enabling you to quicker manage operate the application.
Release 2.1.2: Modification of the check process: it is now possible to create or edit a check while ServersCheck is still running. Check definitions are now read at each check cycle and can be modified at any time. Pausing a check does no longer require to stop the service. The architecture has been optimized to reduce the number of launched cmd windows. S-GRAPH.EXE is a new component that is in charge of generating graphs based upon the RRDTOOL.
Release 2.1.1: Bug fixed in fetching HTML pages in URL check.
Release 2.1.0: ServersCheck Configuration Server has been added to the STANDARD edition.