peci InfraSensing Custom enclosures

Our team creates custom enclosures to meet the specifications for your project. Either simple new housing of a device, or entire enclosures with power management, back battery and many more features.

Contact us to discuss your project and requirements.
Wall mountable & lockable cabinet
adding battery back-up & wifi connectivity

Custom ServersCheck Enclosure
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Design example for outdoor use
integration to offer a complete solution
Special enclosure for gas sensor
The illustration on the left shows a possible implementation of the gas sensor in an outdoor environment powered by solar panel and with wireless LTE/3G/2G connectivity.

Our integrators or our own special projects team help you with creating a solution based on our sensor platform that matches your application.
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Wall mountable & lockable cabinet
with 24v power in

Custom ServersCheck Enclosure2

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Combining products into single enclosure
below combines a Sensorgateway & Sensorhub
Custom enclosure