Battery Monitoring System (BMS)
for monitoring batteries & strings

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BMS system designed for monitoring lead acid, lithium-ion or nickel battery blocks and strings.

- for 2V, 6V or 12V batteries with M8 terminal connector.
- measures temperature, voltage & impedance of individual batteries
- measures battery string voltage and total impedance
- measures battery string charge and discharge current
- monitor for gas leaks from battery cells (HF, H2, CO, CO2) indicating possible thermal runaways.

- compact plug & play sensor.
- designed for indoor use.
- steel enclosure for non-power sensors or non-IP sensors. custom color & logo options available.
- industrial grade.
- 0u rack, DIN rail, magnetic or wall mountable sensor.
- plugs into the base unit.
- powered by the base unit (PoE, 12v DC, optionally 24v or -48v)
- alerts via SNMP Traps, email or SMS.
- out of the box integration via Modbus TCP, SNMP.
- optional integration via MQTT for Industrial IoT applications1New feature.

1Requires FW 10 or higher
Battery Monitoring System by InfraSensing
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Batteries Monitoring
Voltage, Temperature and Impedance
This module (PWR-BAT-CELL) monitors the state and health of your individual batteries by monitoring their temperature, voltage and impedance.

The modules are daisy chained to monitor multiple batteries. The module does not drain any power from your batteries as it is powered by the battery string module (PWR-BAT-STRING).

Designed for 2V,6V or 12V lead acid, li-ion or nickel batteries.

Battery mountable, rack or DIN rail mount available.

CE and RoHs compliant.
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Battery String Monitoring
Impedance, Charge and Discharge Current
The PWR-BAT-STRING module monitors your string of batteries. It connects to the different battery modules (PWR-BAT-CELL). It also includes a clamp based current transducer that is typically connected at the end of the string.

At a string level it will provide you with the string's resistance, the charging or discharging current.

The module provides the power to all the PWR-BAT-CELL devices that are connected through daisy chain.

Gas sensing: optional gas sensors available for detecting H2, HF, CO, VOC and CO2.
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Battery Off-Gas Leak Sensing
When batteries overheat they start leaking gasses which may or may not be ignited immediately. The optional gas sensing module detects for gasses for different battery types:

- for Li-Ion batteries monitor for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) & VOC

- for lead acid batteries the primary gas to monitor is the Hydrogen gas (H2). Monitoring up to 100% Lower Explosive Limit (LEL).