Calibration free H2 and VOC gas sensors
VOCs and h2 gas sensor
Standalone RS-485 (Modbus RTU) or IP based (Modbus TCP, SNMP, MQTT) sensors for H2 & VOC gas detection
As the creators of IP-based, daisy-chained off-gas detection sensors, we are excited to introduce two UL-certified, calibration-free sensors for monitoring lithium-ion gas events: GAS-VOC and GAS-VOC-H2.

The GAS-VOC-H2 is also available as a standalone sensor with a 24V DC input and RS-485 (Modbus RTU) output.

The new calibration-free hydrogen gas sensor can also replace traditional electro-chemical sensors used for monitoring lead-acid batteries. No more annual calibrations and 10y life span.

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The different stages of lithium ion thermal runaway & fires
Stage 1 (Abuse Phase) involves stress on lithium-ion batteries from heat, environment, power, or mechanical damage. Stage 2 (Off-Gas Phase) releases harmful gases, leading to thermal runaway, a dangerous situation where the battery can catch fire or explode.

InfraSensing uniquely offers sensors to detect all four abuse types and VOC and VOC+H2 sensors to monitor off-gas, preventing failures and ensuring safety.†

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Different phases of a li-ion fire
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Independently certified and tested
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Our sensors have been safety tested by UL under the 61010 electrical safety standard. Our base units and hubs meet the UL 6238 standard.

Independent battery fire tests by top companies and labs have proven the GAS-VOC sensorís ability to detect VOC off-gases from lithium-ion batteries. In 10 side-by-side comparison lab tests, our sensor consistently outperformed other well-known brands in off-gas detection, clearly demonstrating its superior performance and reliability.
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