Sensor Accuracy
Trade-In Program

Trade-In Your Sensor.
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Regardless of the sensor vendor, sensors do drift over time and may lose accuracy.

This program enables you to trade-in your sensors for tested sensors.

Special time limited offer:
We ship you the tested sensors and you ship us yours back. This ensures that you minimize downtime and reduce potential impact from drifting sensors.

This program is available to customers in North America and Europe. It is only valid for sensors purchased or traded-in after January 18, 2023.

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NIST Traceable.
ServersCheck performs all of its measurements against calibrated NIST traceable reference meters.

Certificates contain all required information and reference to the unbroken chain of measurements as per ISO standards.

All accuracy testing & calibration certification work is done as per ISO 17025 standards. However ServersCheck's lab is currently not ISO 17025 accreditated. non-relevant transparent gif
Temperature Test.
As part of our Accuracy Trade-In Program, our lab tests temperature sensors against 1 temperature reference point: 20°C. Test are done in an environmental chamber as per ISO 17025 standards. Measurements are compared against a calibrated NIST traceable temperature sensor.
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Humidity Test.
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For trade-in humidity sensors, we test against 1 humidity point: 50% rH. Tests are compared against a calibrated and NIST traceable reference humidity sensor.